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Updating several XP-computers
Hi! I have 4 PCs in my LAN and they are running under Windows XP (2 time PRO, 1 time Media Center, 1 time Home). I have a slow Internet connection with just 5 GB volume per months, so when I have to update all my PCs, it takes a lot of time and consumes my download volume. I would like to download all wind... 17 Feb 2010 05:35
Make "web browser ballot screen" OPTIONAL low priority update
My feedback is for Microsoft to release the "web browser ballot screen" feature as a Optional Low priority update for all windows versions. For those that don't know what the "web browser ballot screen" is you can read about it here: 17 Feb 2010 16:48
KB971023 installs every day
Having a very simiiar issue with a W2K box ==================================== Event Type: Information Event Source: Windows Update Agent Event Category: Installation Event ID: 19 Date: 14/02/2010 Time: 03:34:26 User: N/A Computer: WINSTATION_11 Description: Installation Successful: Windows successful... 14 Feb 2010 18:32
problem installing KB898461 with sp2 - please help
I have win xp sp2. every time i try to install kb898461 the system says it was unsuccessful or unable to etc. I don't know how to fix it. please help option 2 is if someone can help me block that update so it does not bother me again. thank you ... 14 Feb 2010 16:18
I keep getting this as a windows update. I have shut off my automatic update because even though I have installed it several times, it has never taken. Is this a legitimate update. My update history shows I've installed it several times. Why does it keep showing up. -- bf ... 21 Feb 2010 07:05
Big thanks to you all
Deadheads from Egghead are coming out of the woodwork lately as seen here with the post of the OP. They must be stuck on stupid -- Peter Please Reply to Newsgroup for the benefit of others Requests for assistance by email can not and will not be acknowledged. ... 14 Feb 2010 00:54
KD911895 Update will not install
I'm having the same problem. I went and did what u said here it is Installation Failure Error Code: 0x80070643 Try to install the update again, or request help from one of the following resources. For self-help options: Frequently Asked Questions Find Solutions Windows Update Newsgroup For as... 13 Feb 2010 19:26
ever since I upgraded to Windows7 I can't get no Windows updates, they all "fail" I tried manually and also fails. Can you help? ... 13 Feb 2010 19:26
Security Update for Microsoft Visual C++ 2008 RedistributablePackage (KB973924)
Paul, The update you mention is offered to systems that have Microsoft Visual C++ installed on them. Apparently, some software was installed that depends on Microsoft Visual C++ to run on and that's why the Security update was not offered until now. IIRC, it's included in the Windows Live Essentials bundle o... 14 Feb 2010 17:25
XP SP3 - Hid KB77165 - Other 11 Installed in Groups OK
I Disabled Malwarebytes and SuperAS Real-time + AV Real-Time, Hid the advertised Updates Problem in Title, and Downloaded - Installed in Groups of 5, 3, 3 at a time. One in the last Group Failed 1st Download but Did Fine on the next Re-try. I suspect KB77165 is the single culprit BUT attempt Updates per your i... 14 Feb 2010 11:48
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