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Just download and install Twesk UI from MS, it has the autologon feature.

"Timm" wrote:

> I hope I can make this clear....Several years ago, and I don't remember how I
> did it, I put a "windows startup password" on both of my XP Home edition
> computers. I know the password so I'm not trying to break in and get past
> it. I just want to know how to change or disable it so I can get the kids on
> to the downstairs computer without me having to go down and type the password
> everytime they want to use it. Now that they are older (and I have a good
> filter) I want them to sign in for themselves. I cannot give them the
> startup password in use now because my computer has the same password and I
> do not want them to have access to my files.
> It is not a bios password.
From: Gary S. Terhune on
Good to know. Thanks!

Gary S. Terhune
MS-MVP Shell/User

"jorgen" <na(a)invalid> wrote in message
> Gary S. Terhune wrote:
>> Yup. Jorgen pointed out a utility that I wasn't aware of (I don't encrypt
>> things). Note that all you can do is change the password, you can't get
>> rid of the prompt. At least, that's the way it looks. I didn't want to
>> institute it.
> The prompt will go away if you choose to have the system key stored
> locally (like he did). Then it will go straight to the normal login prompt
> / welcome screen.
> It is a good way to further protect EFS files, if you choose to have a
> weak password on your account. By choosing a strong password for the
> system key, a hacker must crack this before gaining access to files.

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