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Kelly wrote:
> Where is your original post?

You can use the reference message ID on the USENET posting,
to find the thread. Google advanced search allows searching on
message ID, and sometimes, it even works. This is a search for


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My "original" post is quoted in blue, in full by Kelly.

I thought the question was not where (since Kelly was quoting it
immediately below his question) but "where did it go to", i.e., the port
was, "why did you remove it"? Hence my response.

My question remains that * m y t a s k b a r i s u n r e s p o n
s i v e *. I click it and nothing happens. I have to use Alt+Tab to
change between programs.


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As mentioned above, creating a new (admin) user did not cure the

It also created a new one.

Until I created the second admin user, I had only one user and there
was no select user screen. When I booted up just now, was away from my
computer and after a few minutes came to the user selection screen and
found that the *lack of click-responsiveness* also applies to the select
user screen, not only the taskbar. Perhaps it applies to all OS areas of
the screen. (I seem to be able to click on anything in any non OS,
program window area).

It took me some time to select one of the two users. I had better
delete the new user otherwise I may not be to enter windows XP.


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undisclosed wrote:
> I am having this too. I can move the mouse to other programs on my task
> bar but the clicks are unresponsive. When this happens, I can also not
> move the task bar.
> I get get around the unresponsive taskbar by
> 1) Using ALT + Tab to move between programs.
> 2) Using Ctrl + ALT + Delete to start up the Task Manager, after which
> the task bar becomes responsive again.
> But then after a while the task manager becomes unresponsive again.
> I have checked for viruses but apparently there are none in my system
> (according to more than one program) but perhaps it is a hidden virus.
> I have used the task manager & services console to turn off as many
> services as I could. I have not located the service/program that is
> causing the problem. I am glad that I have been able to delete some
> unwanted services, but at the same time I do not want to delete too
> many.
> In Vista apparently there is something called GDI object leak
> (Graphical display objects are not mapped properly by the system, and so
> clicking them does not work, and microsoft has published a fix for it).
> There have been some updates to windows lately so there is an outside
> chance that it is a Windows problem.
> Any help greatefully recieved.
> Should I do a highjack this and send it somewhere?

The time you've taken to try and fix XP is more than it would have taken
to reinstall XP, the only sure way to know you're malware free.

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Hmm...I have done a lot of things to my desktop, taskbar, quick launch
bar, start bar, IME...Will these things remain changed after a repair?

More than one different types of anti virus software tell me that I am
malware free.