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I am having this too. I can move the mouse to other programs on my task
bar but the clicks are unresponsive. When this happens, I can also not
move the task bar.

I get get around the unresponsive taskbar by
1) Using ALT + Tab to move between programs.
2) Using Ctrl + ALT + Delete to start up the Task Manager, after which
the task bar becomes responsive again.

But then after a while the task manager becomes unresponsive again.

I have checked for viruses but apparently there are none in my system
(according to more than one program) but perhaps it is a hidden virus.

I have used the task manager & services console to turn off as many
services as I could. I have not located the service/program that is
causing the problem. I am glad that I have been able to delete some
unwanted services, but at the same time I do not want to delete too

In Vista apparently there is something called GDI object leak
(Graphical display objects are not mapped properly by the system, and so
clicking them does not work, and microsoft has published a fix for it).
There have been some updates to windows lately so there is an outside
chance that it is a Windows problem.

Any help greatefully recieved.

Should I do a highjack this and send it somewhere?

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I suspect
1) A Windows update since there were a lot of updates recently. But
then, you'd think it would be all over the net. I suspect some OS
malfunction because just starting up the manager cures the problem
temporarily. It perhaps could be that a virus turns itself off to remain
hidden when the task manager is on.
2) My SD MS CF etc card reader which is a bit dogdy lately. It is a
cheapo card reader. I have problems with the same piece of equipment
before, since replaced with one by the same manufacturer. At the moment
it is refusing to recognise CF cards at times.
3) A virus of course but the virus software I have tried says not.

This is driving me around the bend.

I keep my task bar at the top of the screen (since I used a Mac before
Windows had a taskbar). But alas the problem remains when I move the
taskbar back to its default position.

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work" "taskbar not working" "taskbar malfunction" "task bar can't be
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More symptoms

1) The problem is intermittant. Sometimes I can come to the task bar
after a while and it will work. I am not sure why. Virus activity?

2) I have one piece of software that assumes that the taskbar is at the
bottom and does not work properly, having its top area obscured by the
taskbar. I should try unistalling that software but I don't think it is
the problem.

3) INTERESTINGLY, *sometimes* when I go to the top right (remember my
task bar is at the top) of unresponsive taskbar to where the system
clock is displayed, I get a tooltip, one of those little explicative
yellow popup boxes, that corresponds to the explanation that should
occur I were pointing at a program-top-bar, top right hand corner
button, i.e. it says "close" or "return to original size" (by the way I
am using a non-English language windows, so my back translation may not
be exact).
This suggests, that the problem is some sort of mapping. The OS
thinks that there is the top bar of a program (that fad from dark blue
to light blue thing at the top of program windows) where my task bar
should be.
Hence it could be a registry corruption issue, possibly due to (2)
above. Somewhere along the line I have moved my task bar off the top of
my screen?

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I edited my original post because the "solution" did not work.

I still have the problem in my new admin user as the old.

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What was your original question/post?


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"undisclosed" wrote in message
> I edited my original post because the "solution" did not work.
> I still have the problem in my new admin user as the old.
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