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NEWS: HTC Sales Soar 58% Thanks To Google Android
<> ... 6 Jul 2010 23:18
NEWS: Apple App Store and iTunes Accounts Hacked, Say Reports
According to multiple customer reports, Apple iTunes accounts have been hacked to purchase an e-book application. A rogue Vietnamese developer called Thuat Nguyen reportedly hacked into iTunes accounts and gamed the Books category in the Apple App Store to artificially inflate the ratings and sales for his book a... 7 Jul 2010 11:13
NEWS: Nokia: We have a fight on our hands
Nokia is now a "challenger" in the smartphone market, the company's new executive vice president of mobile solutions said on Friday, as he promised to return Nokia to the top position in high-end devices. MORE: <> ... 5 Jul 2010 12:10
NEWS: Microsoft faces Android juggernaut
A killer Microsoft smartphone may always be out of reach. And Microsoft should understand this better than anyone. .... Put simply, the Motorola Droid X is a perfect symbol of what Microsoft can't do--build an attractive high-end smartphone that runs Android. That doesn't mean Microsoft is in its death throe... 5 Jul 2010 12:10
NEWS: Mystery IPhone Book Apps Disappear From Store
A group of iPhone apps that had received top rankings on the iTunes Store have disappeared from the top 50 book applications following complaints from developers. The developers said they noticed dozens of applications by the same author surge into the top rankings, although the applications frequently had few o... 5 Jul 2010 16:38
NEWS: LG working on Google Android tablet
While the company, which is the second-largest electronics firm in South Korea, didn't offer any pricing or specification details, it did say the tablet would be made available before the end of the year. It is thought the tablet will be LG's assault on Apple's iPad, which has proved extremely successful, selling... 5 Jul 2010 12:10
NEWS: Is Apple covering up the real problem with its iPhone?
By Joel Evans "The Mobile Gadgeteer� | July 4, 2010, 10:41am PDT A couple of days ago Apple sent an open letter to iPhone 4 owners. The letter was in response to earlier reports of iPhone users having reception issues when holding the iPhone 4 the wrong way. If you�re not familiar with the reception issues, Sam... 5 Jul 2010 14:24
There's an app for that: NNTP news reader for Android
Groundhog Usenet Reader -- remarkably capable and usable even though it's free Features: * International charset support * Online/Offline modes * Colors for quoting * MIME/uuencoded attachments * Threading * Starring and banning of authors & threads * Notifications Recommended! ... 5 Jul 2010 00:13
Wireless (Internet) Wiki (FAQ)
NEW HOME OF WIRELESS WIKI IS HTTP://WIRELESS.NAVAS.US A comprehensive resource on wireless access to the Internet, including answers to Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ), and Fast Fixes for common problems. Search Wireless Wiki w/Google: <> Main article: < 3 Jul 2010 15:40
NEWS: 5 ways iPhone users get ripped off
<>: 1. You pay $360 for mobile broadband you don't use 2. You pay $325 to not use the carrier anymore 3. You pay $18 for committing to a new, two-year contract 4. You pay $240 for the high-end data plan you don't use 5. You pay full p... 6 Jul 2010 10:01
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