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NEWS: Mobile bandwidth caps challenging Web TV
AT&T's move to jettison its unlimited mobile data plan and charge more for heavier use puts a roadblock in the plans of media providers trying to push Internet TV, according to a report released Tuesday by iSuppli. Faced with more people grabbing more data, AT&T recently switched to a tiered pricing plan in hopes... 23 Jul 2010 16:54
What's Coarse wavelength Division Multiplexing (CWDM)
Coarse wavelength division multiplexing (CWDM) is a method of combining multiple signals on laser beams at various wavelengths for transmission along fiber optic cables, such that the number of channels is fewer than in dense wavelength division multiplexing (DWDM) but more than in standard wavelength division mult... 21 Jul 2010 23:28
Are there faster waps than dwl2100AP
`Subject: Are there faster waps than dwl2100AP' Something of a lamer question on the subject line I guess, but with zero knowledge about wireless networking... digging up that kind of information can really be daunting.... no idea what to search for or how to determine what is possible with current wireless tec... 23 Jul 2010 01:38
NEWS: Apple Released Test Videos To Demonstrate Antenna Problemsin Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC Droid and Samsung
On 21/07/10 9:29 AM, Thomas T. Veldhouse wrote: Yes, as I have said, it is top end technology. I would put a case on my phone, so if I had an iPhone 4 I am sure I would be one of the 99.5% happy customers. So you subscribe to the theory that every customer that doesn't complain to the manufacturer abou... 21 Jul 2010 16:54
Save Up to $300 When You Sign up with 2 Go Media Before July 31th
Save up to $300 When You Sign Up with 2 Go Media before July 31th Are you still looking to reach your customers using the web or other social media and still can’t understand how it can benefit your business? Then 2 Go Media can help let our turn key system get your message out to your customers using the power S... 21 Jul 2010 13:32
NEWS: Apple Released Test Videos To Demonstrate Antenna Problems in Nokia, BlackBerry, HTC Droid and Samsung
Apple has released few videos on YouTube to demonstrate antenna problems in other smart-phones including Nokia, Samsung Omnia, Blackberry, HTC Droid. These videos show that iPhone is not the only handset such problem when held in a particular way. Apple shows that the Samsung Omnia II dropped from 4 bars to 1 bar w... 29 Jul 2010 12:57
NEWS: Apple unsure when it will be able to meet demand for iPhone 4, iPad
As Apple continues to face overwhelming demand for the iPhone 4 and iPad, selling every unit it can make, the company remains unsure when its production capacity can find equilibrium. Both the iPad and iPhone 4 have been consistently sold out since each product launched last quarter. The company announced Tuesday... 21 Jul 2010 11:19
How to find any computers on the network or hotspot (WinXP)
Is there a way to see all the computers on a network? I often connect to hotspots, and I have my own network. In neither case, on WinXP, do I know how to just scan the network to see which computers or shares are on that network. I first tried in Windows XP SP3 but I don't have a "network neighborhood" so I we... 23 Jul 2010 00:33
Simple Hack To Get $2500 To Your PayPal Account.
Simple Hack To Get $2500 To Your PayPal Account At Due to high security risks, i have hidden the PayPal Form link in an image. in that website On Top Side Above search box , click on image and enter your PayPal id And Your name. please don,t tell to any One. ... 21 Jul 2010 02:40
Android for free!
There is a buzz on the financial pages, today, about a Chinese Android phone from ZTE called the Racer, a lesser Android 2.1 phone, BUT, 3UK in the UK is GIVING THEM AWAY in exchange for a 2 year contract, making them a REAL winner for a vast majority of customers who don't have $500 laying around loose for one... 20 Jul 2010 19:03
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