From: William R. Walsh on

> Although, I thought it would just then run both sticks as non-ECC.

No, I don't think it will. ECC changes the way the memory works, and
the memory controller has to be able to deal with it. As best I know,
the Intel 845/845G chipsets cannot handle ECC memory. (From what I
remember, Dell systems using this chipset will only beep in protest if
ECC-equipped memory modules are installed.)

From: Christopher Muto on
WaIIy wrote:
> On Tue, 06 Jul 2010 22:52:13 -0400, Christopher Muto
> <muto(a)> wrote:
>> thirdly newegg censors reviews and even
>> refuses to publish some reviews entirely
> I didn't realize that.
> How did you find that out ?

by having some of my reviews censored and/or rejected entirely of
course. they are particularly sensitive to comments regarding the
non-payment of rebates. and i assure you that i dot my i's and cross my
t's when it comes to rebates...
From: powrwrap on
> On Jul 6, 8:10 pm, Christopher Muto <m...(a)> wrote:

> for just $5
> more you can get a new major on major module from newegg (pqi brand -
> just like dell puts in machines themselves) with lifetime warranty and
> known compatibility.

I was kind of spooked by the several negative reviews on the pqi brand
stick but after your post I'm going for it. Thanks for the replies