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>>>> I have couple of programs (Ulead Videostudio SE DVD, Nero Suite 6)that
>>>> worked fine on XP but don't have all their features working on Win7 even
>>>> when I use the "Run programs made for previous versions of windows.
>>> Typical MS wonder XP users dont want to rush into buying
>>> Win7...they cant even make 7 compatible with Xp programs..tossers!!
>> Most programs that run in XP will run fine in Win 7. It's those that do
>> "tricky" things that won't. For those, you should be able to get suitable
>> replacements.
>> If you're updating to a new OS, what's wrong with updating a few old apps
>> as well?
> Hey what's wrong with blowing hundreds of bucks for programs that worked
> fine on XP??? Joke.

Hunderds of Bucks? I was suggesting freeware.

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On Wed, 17 Mar 2010 16:18:13 +1100, Osama <Osama(a)obama> wrote:

>> Have a look at VirtualBox - you run XP within Windows7
>Sound like the best idea to me.
>I have downloaded.
>Guide is 297 pages!!!
>Can I ask for a quik rundown how to get Xp in window?
>Be much appreciated.

Sorry, been away fer a coupla days - will have a look if youse is
still innerested.
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