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"Ron" <ron(a)> wrote in message

> No he wont, he revels in the attention.

Actually, it is Ron who revels in the attention by making insulting,
childish posts like this one.

> I beleive (sic) it`s
> better to just ignore him, just like a naughty child,

Note that Ron is too immature to take his own advice and just ignore the
whole thing.

> that`s the thing he fears most.

Nahh, I can count on Ron's ongoing lame attempts at getting my attention
this way.

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> Phildo wrote:
>> "Richard Webb" <> wrote
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>> > So move on, plunk him, correct misconceptions and wrong
>>> information when you must if you feel the need when you see
>>> it quoted by others.
>> Better still, let Arny know he is not wanted round here. Right now he is
>> under the delusion that it is just me and George turning the whole
>> newsgroup against him. If everybody were to join in and let him know he
>> is an idiot then he may just move on or at least get the idea he is
>> persona non grata round here.
>> Phildo
> No he wont, he revels in the attention. I believe it`s better to just
> ignore him, just like a naughty child, that`s the thing he fears most.

Been there, done that, doesn't work. Next dumb idea?


From: Phildo on
"Arny Krueger" <arnyk(a)> wrote in message
> "George's Pro Sound Co." <bmoas(a)> wrote in message
> news:Z7idnUek-c8LtUDXnZ2dnUVZ_oOdnZ2d(a)
>> they started leaving when My Lord and Master Arnold started posting
> That's a convenient lie.

Nope, the google archives show it to be true (along with you getting banned
from PSW)

> AAPLS has always had a lot of turnover because of George and Phildo's
> steady stream of insults.

You do so love to blame other people for your own failings Arnold. I see you
are still too much of a snivelling coward to take any responsibility for
your actions. I bet your grandchildren will be very proud when they google

>> they will leave because they atre annoyed with either
>> My Lord and Master Arnold's relevant comments or my attemts to suppress
>> his right to free speech.
> Obviously, your attempts to supress my posts are far more egregious than
> the posts themselves.

Nobody is suppressing your posts, just pointing out how full of errors they
are and that the author is a know-nothing blowhard with serious mential
health issues.

>> the diffrence is one of us has legit pro live sound
>> abilities
> The difference is that George wants to be king of AAPLS and becomes highly
> irritated when things don't go his way.

No, I was right the first time.

> It's safe to say that if George runs his live sound business like he tries
> to run AAPLS, it is *not* a professional organization.

Yet his continued expansion and ever-growing list of clients says otherwise.

Of course if you were to act on PSW or in real life the way you do on aapls
then you would be a) banned yet again from PSW (this time for life) and b)
given a nice padded cell.

>> and once the parasite is gone the flower will
>> bloom again
> AAPLS never bloomed as long as George and Phildo dominated it. They have
> habitually insulted many people who posted here until they left. AAPLS
> was a bad joke in the live sound industry before I started posting here,
> and it has remained that way.

You just keep telling yourself that Arnold while everybody laughs at you as
usual and doesn't take a single word you post seriously.

I bet Junkie Krueger is looking down right now and is real proud that his
dad is considered nothing but a bad joke by every single person here.