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"Nomen Nescio" <nobody(a)> wrote in message
> first a number of ISPs have dropped all binaries groups
> due to pressure from teh record industry, who woke up to
> he fact that punters were posting music there for 14
> years. Ironically this is now an insignicant fraction
> of all piracy.
> Now Bill Gates & Co. is going to shut down all
> microsoft.public newsgroups.

sadly it may have a little bit of truth in it

Forums now are taking over more and more but sadly that means moderators ie
little hitlers

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terryc wrote
> Rod Speed wrote
>> terryc wrote
>>> Andy wrote

>>>>>> Which can be ignored.

>>>>> Yes, but you wont get any MVPs responding.

>>>> No great loss there.

>>> Oh, people who post. Is this some mickeysoft qualification

>> Yes,

>>> or some mickeysoft position,

>> Nope.

>>> where they are specifically paid to answer microsoft issues raised on usenet?

>> Nope.

> Which all rolled together means that is just your opinion.


> Go read the Wikipedia url.

I already did, fool. It says what I said.

> IME, people who truly enjoy helping the community often continue
> to contribute to the community. Seen it many time before.

Yes, but it remains to be seen how many of those are using those microsoft.public groups.

The vast bulk of those would be using other usenet groups.