From: MowGreen on
Bruce Parent wrote:
>> ???
>> wuapp properties
>> system, administrators, users have read&execute and read authority only
>> trustedinstaller has full control etc etc authority
>> regedit
>> microsoft window current version component based servicing permissions
>> creator owner has special permissions
>> system, administrators, users have read authority only (after 5/9 change)
>> component based servicing applicabilityevaluationcache
>> has only default reg_sz (value not set)
>> should I add wuclient ... (exactly as shown)
>> new key ??? under applicabilityevaluationcache ???

I'm sorry, Bruce, but I do not understand this 'Creator Owner' that is
showing under ' Group or user names: '

TrustedInstaller ***is supposed to be the Owner*** of

Based Servicing

The Access Denied error is because TrustedInstaller is NOT listed under
' Group or user names: ' and it has no Permissions granted to it. Unless
malware or security software created it, there should be no Creator
Owner listed, AFAIK.

Suggest you add TrustedInstaller to the 'Group or user names:' and grant
it ownership, then give it Full Control and Read permissions.

Navigate to the key
Based Servicing
*Right* click Component Based Servicing, choose Permissions, then click
the Add button.
Click the Advanced button. Now click Find Now.
In the Search results in the bottom pane scroll down until you locate
TrustedInstaller. Click on it once to highlight it, then click OK.

Back in the 'Permissions for Component Based Servicing' window, click on
the Advanced button tab near the bottom of the window.

Click the Owner tab. Is the 'Current owner:' showing as Creator Owner ?

Whether it is or is not, is Trusted Installer listed under
'Change owner to:' ?

If it is not, then click the 'Other users or groups' button, click the
Advanced tab, click Find Now.
Locate TrustedInstaller, click once on it to highlight it, click OK.
TrustedInstaller should now be listed as the Owner.
Close the Advanced Security Settings for CBS now.

In the Permissions for CBS window, click on TrustedInstaller and give it
Full Control and Read permissions.

*IF* you can add TrustedInstaller and make it the Owner of CBS, then
Remove Creator Owner from the 'Group or user names:' list now by
clicking the Remove button.
( *IF* you could not add TrustedInstaller, then do NOT remove anything now )
Close the registry editor now.

Open Notepad, copy & paste the below text into a new, blank .txt file
all the way at the *top*, in the very FIRST line of the file, then click
Edit > Save as.
Click the drop down arrow next to 'Save as type' and choose 'All files.

Name the file AppEvalCache.reg and then click the Save button.
Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00



Locate AppEvalCache.reg, *right* click it, and choose Merge.
You should get a confirmation message that the info in the file was
merged successfully into the registry.

Restart the system.
Open Windows Update in the Control Panel and see if the system can
search for updates now.

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