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>>> Did you know that the Jack Daniels distillery is in a dry county and they
>>> are only allowed to sell one type of small bottle of it in their souvenir
>>> shop as a "promotional item"?
>> JD is my choice when it comes to hard liquor. Can't understand
>> those who mix it with Coca Cola. An insult to a fine whiskey.
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>> Steve McQ
>> "Make mine a double"
> My fave is Crown Royal. I agree with the Coke comment as well. I used to mix
> it until the early '70's when I was out after work one night. I had one
> mixed drink and the bartender shut me off. I protested and he told me I was
> wasting good whiskey. He suggested on the rocks with a twist. If I didn't
> like it I would drink free all night. Well,... I liked it.

I prefer Old Crow (went through this earlier in this thread), because it
costs half the price of Jack & tastes about the same. Never a mixer or
ice. Make mine a double, or if I'm in too much of a hurry to wait for
another double, make it a quadruple. I don't even need to dirty a glass
.... I'm uncouth enough to drink straight from my bottle.

Crown Royal is not bad, but my favorite thing about Crown is the purple
bags to use for my snake fanout & all my own personal adapters. I like
the mentioned whiskeys much more than Knob Creek and all the other "high
end" bourbons.

- Denny

P.S. Old Crow was the best selling Bourbon for 100+ years before Jack
Daniels began an advertising campaign in the 1970's. Check out these links:
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