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> On 07/11/10 04:59, Luke Kenneth Casson Leighton wrote:> source at:
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> > $ python (note the lack of "python1.5" or "python2.4")
> > conversion of the 80 or so regex's to re has been carried out.
> > entirely successfully or not is a matter yet to be determined.  always
> > a hoot to try browsing
> > with a browser from 11+ years ago, it still cannot be resisted as
> > grail is the only working graphical web browser in the world written
> > in pure python [pybrowser is still in development, stalled].
> > l.
> Congrats!
> Are you planning to take over the world with grail and pyjs? :-)

mwahaahhah basically, yes. i'm fed up with the mozilla foundation,
who have trashed python-xpcom _just_ at the point where i demonstrated
its usefulness: the only reason things still work across linux
distributions is due to inertia as the distros are still offering
xulrunner-1.9.1, and i'm definitely fed up with the webkit developers,
one in particular, whose treatment of and attitude to the work that i
did to get python bindings to the DOM of webkit was beyond atrocious.

so, python-based web browser it is, implement the W3C DOM API with
it. hack it about, combine paul bonser's pybrowser back-end (which
was where paul did most of the work, and stalled on the front-end),
job done, one compliant python browser supporting W3C TR1,2 and 3 and
if we're reaaallly lucky i maybe add some HTML5 features too.

just don't expect it to be quick!