From: Ron on
On 27/03/2010 01:11, Leon(a) wrote:
> On Fri, 26 Mar 2010 08:43:29 -0400, "George's Pro Sound Co."<bmoas(a)>
> wrote:
>> I fill some mic stands with lead shot or fishing sinkers, it works two ways,
>> it dampens the vibrations and makes the stands more stable
>> George
> I had a weird problem once, every now and then there was a "quack" noise coming
> from the vocalists mic... very weird and annoying...
> Didn't take me long to track it down - when you touched the mic firmly, you got
> the "quack"... it was the bottom of the internal telescoping rod contacting the
> external stand pipe... something or other was bent I guess and the rod wasn't
> centered... it was acting like the clapper inside a bell!
> So I wadded a large ball of tape on the end of the rod, allowing it to move up
> and down, but not move sideways and make a noise.
> That was an old 50s style stand, with a 25lb bottom disk.

Ever had one of those annoying artists (usually a comedian) who fiddles
with the mike stand all the time, creaking the mikeclip? I had a
performer last night who's habit was after every tune he tightened the
three little thumb wheels on his stand, even tho they were already as
tight as they needed to be. I had to take pliers to them after the show!

From: Tim Perry on

"bob urz" <sound(a)> wrote in message
> Tim Perry wrote:
>> Anything that might damage the floor of a venue is (as a doctor might
>> say) contraindicated.
> Well, the venue i was working at had little holes on the stage
> from cellos and such putting down there "spikes"...

That's because there is always room for cello.

> When Broadway comes to our real theater, we frequently lag speaker towers
> to the stage. We even cut a booby hatch once in the floor (that surprised
> me)
> bob

I learned in high school stagecraft about soft wood floors that could take
nails and such to fasten flats and scenery. In all these years I cannot
recall ever actually encountering one.

I am doing a musical on Sunday called "the Obama Story". There will be 4
K-subs and no spikes <g>.

From: Arkansan Raider on
Phil Allison wrote:

> Maybe one needs to sprinkle lotsa rodent poison around mic stands to fix
> this
> - but keep it away from any RodeNT mics of course !!!

You owe me a keyboard and half a cup of coffee.

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