From: Han on
On Apr 19, 10:12 am, TW <timwess...(a)> wrote:
> > Of course! First thing I should do is look up the rest of those
> > special MASD tokens! Thanks!
> That should cover most if not all of them. Kick me a message if you
> have any questions about any of them. I **might** know.
> TW

Yeah, it looks like I have most of them covered, now. I suppose I
should also check in between the "gaps" of opcodes for the 48 series
in case there have been newer opcodes added in there (e.g. =DOCOL has
a substitution -- 81BE -- for fast garbage collection, it seems). So
far I have gotten Jazz to disassemble pretty much all the new objects
as well as the new opcodes from newopcodes.txt. This is going to make
updating the debugger even more of a challenge!