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On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Joseph Fenn wrote:

> If that be true, just where does one get one of these S-video to VGA
> adapters.

Uh, Joe, it's not out yet. Refer to my previous message.

> Please clarify if such is true! Clarify a source.

Allan Bairstow. Can't be more clear than that.

Clarifyingly yours,
Robert Bernardo
Fresno Commodore User Group

P.S. Do you have Allan's phone number? I can give it to you, and you can
talk to him on the phone.
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On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, ziggy wrote:

> In article <1143984930.110227.233680(a)>,
> a7yvm109gf5d1(a) wrote:
>> "There really isn't any point IMO, any decent s-video to VGA adapter
>> will do
>> the job easily, and you can buy one today. "
>> True, but the CBM VGA might do the job of upscanning the 128s 80 column
>> output. I am not aware of any commercial product that does that. The
>> RGB input on my converter box is a pass-through. I assume it is the
>> same for all of them since the market for 15KHz RGB must be pretty
>> small, though not non-existent. These boxes are meant for the enormous
>> base of TV video output devices out there.
>> What the 128 needs is an Amber like the A3000. I wonder how rare the
>> A2320 is?
>> Amber is of course overkill for the 128, but it is a proof of concept.
>> At any rate (hah), Averlogic makes some chips that could do the job.
>> The AL250 for example. It needs some sort of formatter in front of it
>> but it is in the digital domain already.
>> As I've mentionned before, design is the last resort these days since
>> we are in the age of specifying. If someone (looks around) can be
>> bothered to figure out exactly what format the AL250 needs and how the
>> 128s digital RGBI output can be mapped to this, we might have a winner
>> here. I suspect a tiny mess of logic, in a PLD for example, can map
>> RGBI to 565 RGB or even YUV as needed.
>> Toss in a 8 pin micro to program the 250 at power up, and we might have
>> something. Certainly approaching this problem with discrete parts is
>> lunacy, and using a FPGA or CPLD would be too expensive.
> CPLD's are cheap these days.. No reason not to consider using them for
> stuff like this. Check out digikey for pricing.
I think your living in a "dream-world" of some kind

From: Simon Scott on
Robert Bernardo wrote:

> against the VDC Experience, a most difficult demo to display (only works
> with a German C128 and certain German 1084S monitors). If the C=VGA works

Works on my aussie gear, the monitor is a 1084SP1AU.

He should also try the VIC experience side - it messes with VIC timings and

But yeh, if he could get Risen from Oblivion working 100% on this thing Ill
be interested. I just bought a flyback to fix my spare 1084S tho :)

From: Joseph Fenn on

On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Robert Bernardo wrote:

> On Sat, 1 Apr 2006, I wrote:
>> Allan hasn't given me any information on a release date.
> I just got off the phone with Allan Bairstow. Neil, his engineer,
> has completed the first few of the first run (first run of 100 boards), and
> Allan is awaiting his to test out. Allan will then check it out against the
> VDC Experience, a most difficult demo to display (only works with a German
> C128 and certain German 1084S monitors). If the C=VGA works well with the
> VDC Experience, then it will be pronounced fit to produce.
> 80 out of the first run of 100 C=VGA's have been spoken for. If the
> parts can be found again and at a reasonable price, there will be a second
> run.
> I asked Allan to see whether the C=VGA will be ready for a North
> American public premiere at the July 29-30 Commodore Vegas Expo (CommVEx).
> He agreed that would be a good time to show it off.
> FCUG celebrating 25 years,
> Robert Bernardo
> Fresno Commodore User Group
I'll believe it when I see it in my hands and if it truly does
what its supposed to do

From: Joseph Fenn on

On Sun, 2 Apr 2006, Dragos wrote:

> So, more promises, more hype, more "waiting for performance on some
> demo no one cares about" and then, mybe after you yhave lived through
> all that, maybe you can get on of the 20 left?
> whatever.
> Troll the community for 3+ years then say maybe there will be one for
> you, oh wise person who did not pre-pay.

Yeah man you said a mouthful. I am with you on this item.