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From: Scott Vita on

"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message

> What a cool little Les Paul shaped resonator!

Yes! I don't know what it is, but I'd guess it's a National.

> I dig Keb Mo.

I saw him a couple years ago at the House of Blues. Just him and a guy that
accompanied him on guitar and a few other instruments. He was fantastic, a
natural live performer. Played great and really knew how to work the crowd.

You should try to rent or otherwise obtain this DVD by Keb Mo:

A great performance both with a full band and some stuff he does solo. He
can play some mean blues on a standard tuned electric in addition to his
acoustic Delta blues style stuff.

Scott Vita

From: Beav on

"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message
> In news:E39hk.30271$i37.20484(a)newsfe10.ams2 the killer robot "Beav"
> <beavis.original(a)> grabbed the controls of the spaceship
> and pressed these buttons...
>>> 1930s model Gibson acoustic guitar. Well, today I got the guitar
>>> that my grand parents gave my uncle, back in the 1930s. It's been
>>> restored by the same luthier who did the red white and blue guitars
>>> for Buck Owens. It looks brand new, and plays better than either my
>>> Fender rosewood/spruce acoustic, or my Fender Stratocoustic guitars.
>>> I'll be using this in some upcoming song for sure. Because it has
>>> been restored, it's not a valuable collectible, but my cousin said if
>>> he hadn't had it restored, it would literally be in pieces. For me,
>>> the fact that is a family heirloom from the 30s, and a cool musical
>>> instrument that works and is usable for recording today, makes it
>>> more valuable than if it were just a original vintage 30s Gibson.
>> Beautiful, but why have it restored in the first place? Was it
>> unplayable, (warped, twissted, broken, etc) of merely "time worn"?
> Thanks!
> It was separating at the neck and sides. My cousin said if he hadn't had
> it restored, it would literally be in several pieces now.

Sorry G:, I caught that info in a post I read later. As it happens, I think
you're spot on. If you're going to keep it, then a value reduction means
absolutely nothing and it looks very beautiful in its new suit of clothes.


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