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>> So it's not an old print doesn't it have to be 50+ tears old
>> before it's worth anything. ;-)
> Darn!
> I thought it was the photographer who was supposed to be 50+ years (that
> could be "50+ tears") old.
> ...and all I am worth is my pension! ;-(

Actually that could be the next shoot-in.
Either post your oldest photo or first photo you took (that's still
availible) either
with a film or digital camera.

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> Savageduck wrote:
>> On 2010-06-24 16:43:04 -0700, John McWilliams <jpmcw(a)> said:
>>> David Ruether wrote:
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>>>>> On 2010-06-24 08:52:02 -0700, John McWilliams <jpmcw(a)> said:

>>>>>> To ensure the maximum "readability" of links, put each on a separate line, enclosed in angled brackets < >, with a space and
>>>>>> a c/r at the end; nothing else.

>>>>> Exactly.

I shall try to remember to keep a space "fore-'n'-aft" of a URL in the future...;-)

>>> Speaking of formatting, though, David: Your line wrap is awfully short- ca. 80 characters is a good choice.

I use short lines with hard returns for a reason. I like my reader since
its text size is reasonable for easy reading (the samples supplied of other
reader[s] have text that is too small [and I prefer B&W to color and ">>"s
to vertical lines for showing "age"...;-]), and I dislike having my text lines
broken at odd locations (making for odd-length bits) or not at all...
So, there! 8^) I also retain copies of what I write for archiving on my
web site, and my method provides "clean", consistent copies.

>>> And the sig. delimiter- two dashes, a space and a c/r- what Unison does to those is not cricket....
>>> Cheers.
>> David is using Outlook Express.
>> I am the one using Unison, and I fully agree with you regarding how URL's should be entered. However I am not sure what you are
>> getting at with regard to sig delimiters. From what I see Unison keeps to the convention as you stated when I compose a post, and
>> I see yours as I am sure you intended.
>> < >
> Ah, I see: OE is mangling your perfectly well formed sig delimiter, (as seen in DR's replies to you) but that's OE. David is,
> perhaps, missing a carriage return on his, or OE butchers it on the outgoing.
> All's well and nothing's changed: Google groups and OE are tied for the worst news handlers. --
> John McWilliams

'Pends on preferences.....;-)
--DR (with lack of return intended, but, "whatever"...... 8^)