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> Migration to linux with a .net app, isn't that difficult either.

But .net is probably not where he wants to go today, especially or
whatever they are currently calling it. For many people one of the biggest
advantages of moving to Linux is that it is also a move away from Micro$oft.
So why would such people want to use a Micro$oft product on it? I certainly
wouldn't. Micro$oft are devious and unscrupulous and have the collective
morals of a bunch of corporate gangsters.


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>> but, it seems to me, your just as well off using VB.NET as this.
> Jabaco probably works for Windows 9x, while VB.Net 2008 doesn't.

I don't know about that, the home page recomends XP or better for the OS and
requires JRE 1.4.2 or higher. This will work on Win98 and WinMe... So,

Tom Shelton
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Hi Matthew :-))

Schmidt schrieb:

> ...
>>>>> Yep, one can use either McKinneys Typelib - or some
>>>>> newer pendants to it, which are available after a short Google-
>>>>> session.
>>>> And the Google search phrase would be ?
> Sorry for the late response...
> I've used for some time:
> (last changes in July 2005)
> IIRC the author [SolarAngel] was also active in these groups.

Thanks for the link. What are your experiences, if I may ask?

Ulrich Korndoerfer

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> Hi Matthew :-))
Oh please, not again...

> >

> Thanks for the link. What are your experiences, if I may ask?
It contains pairs of most of the WinAPI-functions -
with the W-Version mostly the Default (without the W-suffix
in the exported Name).

And for the sets of functions which I were using - everything
worked well.
But after a while I discovered, that I only used 10-15 functions
from it in my toolset and therefore decided, to use these
directly per VB-Declares in a *.bas - mostly because of the
larger up-popping intellisense-list which was somewhat
irritating over time for me - but that's probably only a "habit-
The only TypeLib which has mostly a "fixed place" in my
Project-settings is Eduardo Morcillos Olelib.tlb.

A new, well-maintained "community-Typelib-Project",
should probably "integrate" Edanmos OleLib first,
because this one was known as very well maintained
with probably no bugs anymore (or at lest very few
ones) - and a potential merge with the "normal
WinAPI" should then try to avoid duplications of
Types and functions of course (which also was the
case with the typelib from the link above - there was
some "overlapping" with OleLib.tlb and another reason
why I excluded it after a while from my projects).


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Hi Olaf,

Schmidt schrieb:

> ...
>>> It works well and fast (as IDE) on all current Win-Platforms
>>> and the Binaries (and probably the VB-Classic-IDE too)
>>> seem to run for at least another 5 years even on windows7.
>>>> But, if you did wait - this is a good time :) WPF is a
>>>> really nice technology.
>>> Will post an announcement regarding a WPF-pendant
>>> for VB6 soon here in the group.
>> I'm anxious to hear about this.
> The initial-release was planned for this time (early january), but
> I decided, to rewrite everything I had already finished (with
> plain Win32-GDI-calls) with a new cairo-based rendering-
> backend, which currently works out as a really good decision.
> ...

Did you write a VB binding wrapper for Cairo? And if yes, would this be
available separately?

Ulrich Korndoerfer

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