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"Bill" <billstanton(a)> wrote in

> I've been away for awhile and not up to date on
> the demise of Access forums. All forums? Or,
> just selected ones?

Microsoft is ending its public newsgroup support. That means the MS
news server ( will cease to exist, and that the
website that is their front end for that will cease.

However, because of the way Usenet works, the microsoft.public.*
newsgroups will continue to be propagated across the world on all
the Usenet servers that have always carried them, unless the only
source for the ms.public newsgroups on a particular news server was
MS's news server itself.

I expect nothing is going to happen except an approximately 50%
dropoff in traffic in the ms.public newsgroups due to the fact that
a large number of the people who have historically ended up there
don't understand that there's an easier interface than the MS web
forums. Those people will end up in the replacement forum, and some
of the people who've posted in the public newsgroups will follow.

I'm not sure I will, but it depends on how low the traffic drops in
the public newsgroups. I'll still be posting in, on Stackoverflow and on

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com
From: David W. Fenton on
"Bill" <billstanton(a)> wrote in

> I hate web-based forums, but I guess they're better than
> nothing.

I don't know that they are.

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com
From: David W. Fenton on
Marshall Barton <marshbarton(a)> wrote in

> You know, I don't think Microsoft can close down a
> newsgroup.

They can't. Nobody can shut down a newsgroup that's propagated to
more than one news server.

> They can take their servers out of the internet,
> but the newsgroups should continue to exist on many other
> news servers. I plan on continuing to use them just to see
> what happens (and put off the bleep web based forum thingie
> as long as I can).
> If you were connecting directly to the MS servers, then you
> would have to find another news server to connect to. That
> may or may not be a problem for some or many folks, but I
> have always connected to the news service available from my
> ISP (who contracts it out to giganews).
> The big question is how many folks will be bothered to do
> that instead of bowing to MS and switching to the web based
> junk.

100% correct, Marshall.

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com
From: David W. Fenton on
"Mike B" <mDotByerley(a)VerizonDottieNettie> wrote in

> If MS issues an authenticated rmgroup command and it is honored by
> others, it will remove the MS heirarchies from those servers.

I strongly doubt there's very many news servers out there that honor
rmgroup messages, because of the long history of forgery of such
command messages.

David W. Fenton
usenet at dfenton dot com
From: Arvin Meyer [MVP] on
The Microsoft NNTP newsgroups will close. There are several choices.

1. There will be other Microsoft forums, although, at least now, they are
somewhat less organized and harder to find.

2. Third party forums like UtterAccess

3. UseNET newsgroups like:

4. Off line help like a user group. I have one in Orlando, and there many
others around the country.

5. You can always go to the links in my sig where there are pointers to
dozens of websites and thousands of code snippets.

6. My book, co-authored with Doug Steele, and dozens of others.
Arvin Meyer, MCP, MVP
Co-author: "Access 2010 Solutions", published by Wiley

"Dennis" <Dennis(a)> wrote in message
> Hi,
> Assuming that Microsoft does not listen to their users (surprise) and they
> do shut down this forum on June 1st, can anyone suggest other forums?
> This forum has been a GREAT source of information and it will be so sad to
> see Microsoft close it.
> --
> Dennis

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