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Tony Toews [MVP] wrote:
> Karl E. Peterson <karl(a)> wrote:
>> Nice! I guess I just haven't shopped in that size range enough to have
>> been aware they were getting there.
> I've been looking at the 26" but can't quite justify them in my mind.

Well, when you start going there, I too can say I've been looking at
the 42" jobs. For the living room! Heh, I really need something I can
plug a laptop into, to watch movies and hulu and so on, on occassion.
(We cut the cable years ago.) The TV we look at every now and then was
bought in 1982.

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Tom Shelton wrote:
> LOL... Yep. I think we still have that here. It was definately the doom2
> engine. I remember on one level, those flamming screaching skulls would come
> at you....
> I used to have tools for making custom levels for doom2 and you could do
> texture/sound/sprite replacements. It used to be a lot of fun..

Heheheh... Good gawd, what a waste of time, huh? Screeching flemoids!

Yeah, they just don't make 'em the way they used to. <vbg>

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"Mayayana" <mayayana(a)invalid.nospam> wrote in message

> I've gotten to where I can't see detail up close. Small
> items onscreen cause me to squint and hold my head
> back. I wanted something in the 1400 range, but I
> don't have any options there. I've settled for 1600x900.

Have you tried running at 120 dpi or higher?


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Nobody wrote:
> "Karl E. Peterson" <karl(a)> wrote...
>> I am getting very frustrated, too, that the "normal" aspect LCDs are being
>> phased out
> The main advantage of wide screen format is that it makes it easy to see two
> applications side by side, or two PDF pages, but the resolution has to be
> high, like 1600+ pixels width, so each page or application is 800+ pixels
> wide.

I never see people use them like that. I suppose if you had a huge one
at high-res, it'd do, but it's still lacking for much besides watching
movies IMO. For SxS docs, I prefer having the 8:3 ratio offered by two
standard ratio units. :-)

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From: Mayayana on
| Have you tried running at 120 dpi or higher?

I guess I could do that, but I prefer not to
get into unnecessary customizing. And I
imagine there'd be the odd program that
ends up having snipped button text and such.