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>>> Well, you've convinced me. I still think B & W infra-red is a
>>> good idea for not bothering a band or crew though... or am I wrong
>>> about that too? Oh God don't let me be wrong about that too... can an
>>> IR flash be seen (I'm hoping not)?
>> BW infra red changes the tonal quality of BW: You may also have focusing
>> issues, unless you have an infra red marker on your lens. I have
>> starting experimenting with it, by having one of my digital cameras
>> converted to IR. The only way you can get IR color is in post
>> processing. You can convert some colors to pseudo IR color. For rock
>> bends you might get some interesting effects, but don't count on
>> faithful reproduction.
>> Here are some links to get you started:
>IR is good for snipers and for special effects, but if you're shooting a
>concert there is no substitute for high ISO and large aperture.
>Some fabrics are somewhat transparent in infrared--you may end up
>effectively shooting your performers in their underwear.

Gee... that would be... terrible... Yeah, I better stay well
away from that...

>Here's one
>example that demonstrates the issue:
><>. If you
>search youtube on "see through clothing infrared" or "nightshot see
>through clothes" you'll find numerous other examples.

I remember hearing all the hooplah about how the Nightshot was
"seeing through clothes". Apparently it left little to the imagination
before they changed how much it sees. Damned corporate worrywarts...