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>>>> I went to see a friend's band last night in Brooklyn. Before I
>>>> headed over, I went down to the waterfront to take a couple of
>>>> photos of Manhattan. I went down a street right at the East River
>>>> where I saw some people congregated, and set up. There were older
>>>> two guys sitting there drinking beer and smoking.
>>>> After i took the first batch of photos, one of the guys said to
>>>> me in almost a whisper, "You want better view, go down to Huron.
>>>> It's two blocks over."
>>>> I thanked him for the tip. Just then, his friend piped up. "You
>>>> don't wanna go down to Huron. Huron's where the scumbags are." He
>>>> then continued, "Who's this guy Brett Favre, anyway? My Giants
>>>> beat him in the playoffs last year. He's got more gray hair than
>>>> I do." The two guys then started arguing Jets vs. Giants, and I
>>>> took off for Huron.
>>> Nice but the dust bunnies spoil the shot.
>> Didn't even see them. They're cleaned off now.
> Very, very nice. Plenty of color, plenty of interest and detail, many
> relationships, very clear on the buildings.
> I need to get my computer-monitor glasses checked. The tall buildings
> seem atilt to me.

That's the wind, actually. They're built to sway a little bit.