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The comments that people made in their responses were actually
carefully considered. And I know the difference between E-mail and Web site

At the moment this effort is still in progress. Some technical
matters regarding the Web site operations still need to be settled. After
everything is running I will try to post another note summarizing things.
Other people might be interested in this type of application.

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My response to your first posting did not say this, but, thanks for
the helpful comments that you made.

The basic question that had to be answered pertained to whether or
not it would be possible to do certain things in connection with a Web site
that I have on a particular Web server. E-mail can be sent to addresses
associated with my domain name hosted by that server. Many Web site
packages offer a service like that. But I did not know if anything could be
done with those E-mails other than forward them to some other E-mail

My original inquires regarding that submitted to Web server personnel
got a “No” answer. But fortunately, someone who is familiar with that
server's capabilities responded that it could actually be done using a
“pipe” contained within the Web server's standard mail forwarding program.

Present efforts involve creating a Web site program to receive and
process those “piped” E-mails. And once that is running the code will if
possible be merged into a Perl language bulletin board program that will run
at the site.

When everything is operational I plan to post another note here
providing some details regarding what needed to be done to get things
running. Other people might be interested in that type of application.

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> news:1Ai%n.3013$o27.2845(a)newsfe08.iad...
> This was just an introductory mention of this general subject. It will
> probably be discussed again in the future as more features are added to a
> Web site that is being developing.

Please quote appropriately, without quoting context is lost.

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> Question 2 - Can anyone recommend a freeware, modifiable Perl language
> CGI program that will accept an E-mail sent to a Web site address, extract
> picture files etc. from the E-mail, and then store the files in some
> directory at the Web site?

The first part of this effort was a success thanks to a helpful
professional PHP language programmer. This is a discussion of the outcome
for any parties interested in this type of programming effort.

An E-mail forwarding program available through the Web server where I
have a domain was installed in my own Web domain area and instructed to
"pipe" any E-mail letters sent to my domain E-mail addresses to a special
PHP program that was created for processing the letters.

Several already available E-mail processing PHP modules were
installed in my Web domain area. And when an E-mail is piped to the
original PHP program it starts running and instructs those PHP modules to
decode the E-mail. It then uses the extracted sections to store any files
attached to the E-mail in directories at my Web domain specified in the
original PHP program. Security features were added to the original program
to keep spam E-mail from causing problems.

If all goes according to plan, those PHP based routines will
eventually be converted to Perl language programs so that they can be merged
with Perl language Internet Bulletin Board programs. Versions of the
original program will also run as standalone programs.

It is my assumption that the necessary Perl language E-mail
processing modules already exist. And a search will probably be made for
them at some future date.

Although the basic idea here was fairly simple, the data processing
routines were moderately complicated. It took the PHP programmer and myself
a while to get everything to work properly.

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>>>>> "E" == E D G <edgrsprj(a)> writes:

>> Question 2 - Can anyone recommend a freeware, modifiable Perl language CGI
>> program that will accept an E-mail sent to a Web site address, extract
>> picture files etc. from the E-mail, and then store the files in some
>> directory at the Web site?

It's not CGI if it isn't being invoked from a web page hit. You're
talking about a mail handler. Get your terminology correct first,
before asking for further help.

Oh, and email doesn't go to "a web site address", in spite of pop
culture insisting that you "email us at". Keep in mind
these are the the same idiots who say "visit our site at example dot com
backslash feedback". Right, because backslash *is* the separator there.

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