From: Neil Rutman on
Ok, if there are any other "Neil Rutmans" out there would you please speak
up. I'll tell you right now, every seemingly naive - bordering on stupid
post I ever made wasn't really me. Only the clever - bordering on
intelligent ones were me.

Neil R (the real one)

"Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette" <dmodisette(a)> wrote in message
> Glennbo wrote:
>> In news:4b283b34$0$4883$9a6e19ea(a) the killer
>> robot "Dave \"Mod Bod\" Modisette" <dmodisette(a)> grabbed
>> the controls of the spaceship and pressed these
>> buttons...
>>>>> <I do most of my recording Sunday mornings, after my wife and kid
>>>>> leave to go to church >
>>>>> YOU need to go with them as well. After going thru our car accident
>>>>> last month, I realize WE ALL need to go to Church.
>>>>> We are truly a bunch of lost souls who ALL need help. Especially Dan
>>>>> Bonow :-)
>>>> Hehe, my wife plays keys there, and my son is the sound engineer. I
>>>> wouldn't have anybody to sit with, so I stay home and record. Well,
>>>> that's my excuse anyway. ;)
>>> You should be up there playing. It's a blast. Best audience you'll
>>> ever play for.
>> Hehe, I'd be trying to get 'em to do black gospel music. Sell that
>> digital pipe organ and get a Hammond with a Leslie!!! ;)
> See... you're already getting a vision. Step out by faith and lead those
> children to the promised land of goooooood funky music. ;)
> --
> Dave "Mod Bod" Modisette

From: eric weasel on
Ted Perlman wrote:
> <I'm very pleased with my Blue Sky 2.1 system.>
> I've heard GREAT things about those speakers. Please tell me more!

I've had them for several years now. I actually have the Media Desk 2.1
system. To my admittedly untrained, non-professional ears they strike
me as being well balanced. No screechy highs like the Mackies, that's
for sure. They have a nicely detailed sound that allows me to pick
things apart and, most importantly, I feel that my mixes transfer well
to other systems including home stereo, iPod, and car stereo.

The one minus I would give them is that deep bass is a bit limited, but
it's not like I'm doing any dub or drum'n'bass mixes, so...

From: Ted Perlman on
<Anyway, I am glad you have come around >

I have no idea what this post is about or who it is written by.



Ted Perlman

From: Ted Perlman on
<...they strike me as being well balanced>

Thanks!! I'll check them out at NAMM.


Ted Perlman

From: Here In Oregon on

"Glennbo" <vdrumsYourHeadFromYourAss(a)> wrote in message
> In news:hg9bh1$mbh$1(a) the killer robot "Theodore
> \(Ted\) Pearlman \(with an A\)" <Theodore (Ted) Pearlman (with an A)
>> grabbed the controls of the spaceship and
> pressed these buttons...
>> So Ted can see this.
> Looky what post I have an archive of. From the copy of the kitchen I have
> on my HD, right before Cakewalk nuked it for us.
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> Will the real Ted Pearlman please stand up.

Ha hA hA ha Ha! So I do exist but not in this world the way most folks do
Good one Gman! You R D'man!