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They sent me two emails, each with a serial number for FX2, but the
two serial numbers were the same!
There are strange things going on with Cakewalk.....

On Dec 4, 6:14 pm, "Sue Morton" <867-5...(a)domain.invalid> wrote:
> I think I know why they're out of serial numbers.  They emailed me three
> sets...!  After all the years I spent trying to get them to send me just one
> email, now they send me all of mine and your emails too :-)
> --
> Sue Morton

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Rick Paul wrote:
> "Sue Morton" <867-5309(a)domain.invalid> wrote in message
> news:hfcfqn$oad$2(a)
>> I agree about web forums, but I've never seen any notation in Sonar?
>> Unless you're talking about that new product they just mixed in (I forget
>> what it was called now)?
> Nope, I'm talking about SONAR's Staff View. It's definitely not great
> notation by any means, and that is my biggest beef with modern day SONAR
> (and historical SONAR for that matter). However, being able to review parts
> in notation, even lame notation, is a huge degree easier for me than trying
> to review parts in a piano roll grid. I've been reading music since before
> I learned to read English, but still can't quickly read PRV "notation" worth
> beans. Heck, I think I can even play guitar better than I can do that, and
> I am a truly crappy guitar player. ;-)
>> The only thing I've seen in Sonar that is sort-of like notation is the
>> Staff View -- it's good for scratch sheets. But to me it'd be a stretch
>> to call that 'notation'. Regardless, Reaper doesn't have even that much
>> AFAIK. Would be good to be able to print scratch sheets from Reaper.
> I'm not looking for printouts in most cases. While there are a few times
> when I want a printout to use as a guide for playing something back in that
> I might have arranged onscreen, most of the time I'm just looking to be able
> to review parts and arrangements. Sometimes it is to quickly locate bad
> notes, dischords, etc. Other times it is to try and figure out what is
> going on in an arrangement that isn't working and make adjustments.

It does take some getting use to.

> I'd love to be able to do a lot more than that -- not even so much being
> able to print stuff out, but more being able to actually conveniently enter
> notation on screen while arranging/working out parts -- but SONAR's notation
> is too painful for just about everything except for sanity
> check/troubleshooting-type uses. It's still a major improvement, though,
> over what Live, Acid, Reaper, and some others (don't) offer.

I would imagine some programmers keep it out to cut down costs.

> I haven't checked out the Notion addition to SONAR at this point since I
> really don't have budget for much of anything at this point. It is possible
> it could bring an order of magnitude improvement if it has a way of driving
> softsynths in SONAR from notation in Notion. However, even if so, it would
> be far from ideal due to the need to maintain two data files for each
> project where it was used, similar to how other ReWire-based applications
> make you work. I already have a real notation program for when I need to do
> heavy duty notation for whatever purpose, or anything that needs to be
> printed for human consumption beyond myself. I don't mind needing to go
> outside SONAR for that sort of thing. What I don't want to have to go
> outside SONAR for is working up my arrangements, and, while a fair
> percentage of what I do is accommodated well enough by SONAR's highly meager
> notation, there are definitely times when I need more. On those occasions I
> am currently having to go out to my notation program (MakeMusic Finale
> Allegro 2007), do arrangements there, print them out, then play the parts in
> SONAR. (I could also export and import MIDI files, but that wouldn't buy me
> much in most cases as I ultimately do want human-played parts, and I don't
> need something to play along with once the parts are worked out -- it is
> when I'm working them out that it would help to have something to play along
> with.) If SONAR had better notation, I could work the parts out in SONAR.
> I'd still end up needing to print them out to play them in the end as a
> manually notated part is almost never going to have good enough feel, but I
> wouldn't need polished notation at that level.
> Rick
From: Ricky Hunt on
I've touted FX3 for a long time. It is a FANTASTIC plugin that should have
gotten much more development and improvement. The biggest would be to have a
way to send however many tracks you want to it (within reason) and be able
to manipulate each "performer" (track) within the one plugin. Room
simulation and impulses have nothing on this program.

"kitekrazy" <kitekrazy(a)> wrote in message
> Glennbo wrote:
>> The killer robot "Rick Paul" <rickpaul(a)> grabbed the
>> controls of the spaceship and pressed these buttons...
>>> I tried the FX3 download, and it says they're out of serial numbers,
>>> so to check back after today. Oh well, I guess I'll try again
>>> tomorrow.
>> I don't get why if they are going to give it away, that they don't just
>> use the final serial number that was available for every free give away
>> copy.
> I put in the serial number of one of the other free one and changed the
> prefix and it worked.