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Is the AA filter on the endangered list too?
Seems like lighter and lighter AA filters are appearing in certain cameras. The Leica has none. Could it be that this second-last barrier to resolution (the Bayer filter being the last) isn't long for the world? ... 1 Apr 2010 01:26
Why Pentax dumped the aging CF card The 645D features a double SD slot, this came a bit as a surprise for shooters used to CF cards in other high end camera. What are the reasons for this choice? Here also, we decided for SD by considering several factors. First, we belie... 30 Mar 2010 00:43
-> Red color and JPG???
Hi, I tried to find an explanation on the web but without success. Does anybody know why the red color looks so ugly when a digital picture is saved as JPG? It looks like it's the only dominant color that gets very pixelated and grainy. The cause of this artefact? Thanks for any clue. Sincerely, Steve JO... 6 Apr 2010 04:14
Lets call it, rating the rubbish ... 26 Mar 2010 13:11
SD/SDHC and Micro SD w/Adapter Performance vs SDHC card
Just wondering if there is any performace difference in using a micro SDHC card in a digital P&S camera that requires a full sized SDHC card? -- --------------------------------- --- -- - Posted with NewsLeecher v3.9 Final Web @ ------------------- ----- ---- -- - ... 27 Mar 2010 09:36
Hilarious!! B&H shipping charges for one roll of film!!!
On Mar 25, 12:03 am, "Anon" <n...(a)none.invalid> wrote: Geezus already, that has been discussed to death previously. International shipping is always expensive. Buy at at Henry's. B.S. First Class Mail would be about $6.00 from the U.S. The Brooklyn crooks are hugely padding the shipping. ... 5 Apr 2010 08:18
Hilarious!! B&H shipping charges for one roll of film!!!
I wanted to test out a Rollei clone of Kodak Technical Pan. Shipping Cost To CANADA Shipping Method Shipping Cost UPS Worldwide Expedited 2-4 Business Days Delivery # $25.55 (CAD)26.17 UPS Worldwide Saver 1-2 Business Days Delivery # $30.55 (CAD)31.29 FedEx Economy 2-4 Business Day Delivery # ... 26 Mar 2010 13:11
This probably won't sell
I figure ones that integrate a crappy P&S camera will be the real sellers, like the Nikon they announced. Why carry two different products when you can build both into one nearly as or as small? ... 25 Mar 2010 12:38
Canon S410 Problem
I just pulled my Canon S410, which I haven't used since '08, out of the drawer to make sure it was working OK, as I wanted to take it as a backup camera on an upcoming trip. It was fine when last used. It now has a strange problem: all normal functions (such as changing settings using Function, Menu,etc.) are wo... 25 Mar 2010 06:52
Oh look, it's Tuesday
Isn't it time for Dpreview to announce the weekly software upgrade for Bibble Labs? Seriously, Dpreview, is there no news more interesting to print that those boring update announcements? There has to be something happening with actual cameras, somewhere. ... 24 Mar 2010 14:42
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