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> steam3801 wrote:
>> On Thu, 26 Nov 2009 04:28:26 GMT, "L.A.T." <tt92(a)> wrote:
>>> A neighbour, eighty-plus years old, decided to replace his faltering XP
>>> system and bought a Dell.
>>> It has Windows7 on it and no Email program. Our Windows7 machine is an
>>> upgrade from Vista so anything we learned is useless to him because we
>>> are still using Windows Mail, or whatever it is, from Vista. Can anyone
>>> recommend a suitable Email programme that is as similar to Outlook
>>> Express as possible? He really uses his machine for little more than
>>> Email. He feels a bit lost.
>> Windows 7 does include Windows Mail.
>> But, it is hidden and the process to "activate" it is arguably not
>> worth the trouble.
>> Basically, what you have to do
>> - unhide system files
>> - locate Windows Mail in the program directory
>> - take ownership of the files in that directory, one by one
>> - copy Windows Mail program files from an another Vista installation
>> and rep[lace the W7 ones (for some reason, just copying the files
>> won't work unless the above steps are followed)
>> (- some websites also suggest a registry tweak)
>> - import mail files from the old Windows Mail installation.
>> --
>> idgat
>> Computer-ji, D, lock kiya jaye!
> You made that sound so easy :)

When I did an in place upgrade from Vista to Seven, Windows Live Mail
automatically used those files to import all my mail and newsgroup contacts,
files, settings and data.
Very quick and seamless.