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On Jun 12, 2:04 am, Paul van Delst <paul.vande...(a)> wrote:
> rfengineer55 wrote:
> > What are your thoughts regarding the contents of the Fortran 2003
> > handbook?
> I've found it to be a great reference for trying to use the F2003 language (where
> compilers are available). Full disclosure: I consider myself a DickH and RichardM groupie :o)
> I've found it extremely useful.
> There really is only one other that comes close: Fortran 95/2003 Explained by MRC. But for
> just F2003 stuff, I like the handbook better.
> > Is the book worth the cost, in your opinion?
> For me, definitely. For you, well, I can't say. ...

I agree with Paul; I would also say that MRC is better for two things
(a) differences between f95 and f2003, because all the f95 compilers I
use offer some f2003 features and none of the compilers offers all of
them, so when my program dies at compile time I want to know whether
it's because of an unimplemented feature or some self-inflicted bug
(b) clarity of some explanations. The F2003 Handbook is better for (a)
clarity of other explanations (b) finding properties of intrinsics,
because it's faster to look one up in its Appendix A where they all
appear in alphabetical order than in MRC's Chapters 8, 11 where you
must either start with the index of the book or know which of the
several kinds of intrinsic you're dealing with. I have both on my
shelves, they were both worth their price, and I use both.

-- John Harper
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> I don't know what the current asking price is.... but... it is IMHO a
> good book. I have both the Fortran 90 Handbook and the Fortran 95
> Handbook. I used mainly the F90 one as that's where I came up-to-date
> on the newer Fortran capabilities originally ( I liked that book a
> LOT!!). I also picked up the 2003 version a short while back. I
> haven't used it too much yet as I don't have a 2003 compiler to play
> with. However, what I have looked at in it is very good. IMHO, If
> you get that one and one other (maybe Metcalf's) you'll be in good
> shape I think. I always find that two references are better than just
> one.

$64 at


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nospam(a)see.signature (Richard Maine) writes:

> Luka Djigas <ldigas(a)> wrote:
> > I do not know whether is it a legal or a pirated copy
> I'm sure it is pirated. I would have liked for an ebook form to be
> available, but the publisher was not agreeable to that, largely because
> of problems with pirating.
> > Should Mr. Maine give his blessing,
> No, I certainly can't do that.

Publishers are in business to sell books. Thus, if something isn't
available via the usual channels, and is from a reputable publisher,
then chances are that it is pirated.

I for one think it is morally wrong to use pirated editions of works
which are normally paid for. Even if you disagree with details of
marketing, capitalism, whatever, the solution is not to just use a
pirated copy. If everyone had the right to annoy all laws with which he
disagrees, civilisation would not be possible. (If everyone were of the
same opinion, no law would be needed, so some people will always
disagree with every law.)

From: Ian on
I've checked with Springer and individuals cannot buy ebook versions
of their publications so the Fortran 2003 handbook isn't available to
most people.

It is available to libraries, and the exact cost will vary with
the library deal that each library takes.

I guess that it is probably a priacy issue as
someone mentioned earlier.

Ian Chivers
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On Jun 11, 2:49 am, "e p chandler" <e...(a)> wrote:
> "rfengineer55" <rfenginee...(a)> wrote in message

> In terms of more tutorial material, there are a number of resource pages,
> one is

Hi Eliot,

The <> site has more useful information for fortran
hackers. This is where I found some useful stuff by John Mahaffy to
get me started with interfacing gnuplot with my f90 code about a year

I'm back, and doing a quick fortran review.:-)

Freedom - no pane, all gaiGN!

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