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cell vlue based on cell back colour
Cell Range A1:A35 are different colours (Red, Green, Blue - depending on their value) I want B1:B35 to show a number, based on the colour of adjoining cells. Is there a simple formula that will allow me to do this? TIA >(*-*)< Esra ... 3 Apr 2010 13:44
Alert Message After Somthing Changed
Dear experts, I've a folder contains 30+ workbooks in a network. Each workbook is for one department to fill in different kind of requests. From column A to E, they need to fill in date, time, name, department and request details. I want an alert message can prompt me if an user fill in a new request so that I... 30 Mar 2010 01:49
Folder listing
I want to get a folder listing (from a specific folder) that shows sub folders in the next column (under the parent folder). How do I do that does anyone know? TIA >(*-*)< Esra ... 30 Mar 2010 20:45
Calculating column A * column B = Results in another column
How do i calculate a whole list in one column (B1-b6) (mathematical function i.e. multiply, divide, summation) with another column (c1-c6) and have excel display the output in another set of columns (d1-d6) i.e. input X input = output by excel b1 X c1= d1 b2 X c2= d2 b3 X c3= d3 b4 X c4= d4 without me hav... 30 Mar 2010 00:44
Writing an IF statement in Microsoft Query
I'm querying our Oracle data to Excel and can't seem to get a formula return as a new field. I need the proper way to write this sequence: IF(RM.RM_STD= "LOCKER",50,RM.RM_AREA*RMSTD.COST_OF_SPACE) Which would basically say that if the room standard is a locker, we charge $50 - otherwise, take the room are... 29 Mar 2010 22:32
Conditional Formatting on Range of Cells
My Range is A23:M:23. I want these to be a color if the contents of N23 is F. I have tried, =$N$23="F" as well as =$N$23=F without any luck. Any suggestions? ... 29 Mar 2010 21:26
Share a workbook
I am working in Excel 2007 in workbooks created in 97-2003. When I try to share the workbook, the program goes the motions then gives me a message the workbook is no longer shared, and I can't do anything in the workbook. I close the workbook out and reopen. Then I am back to square one. This is a new problem s... 29 Mar 2010 18:07
how do I create independent results?
Brute force and ignorance but it does it. Extending to more cars/drivers gets very tedious. A little more finesse anyone. Sub assignDriver() Dim driverName(4) As String Dim i As Integer 'Assign driver names to array driverName(1) = "Steve" driverName(2) = "Mary" driver... 29 Mar 2010 15:52
Need some help BAD with conditional formatting
I have 2 sheets with infomation. Sheet1 C2:C15000 have some text in each cell. Some cells in C2:C15000 have the same text, or may have slightly different text. Sheet2 E3 has a free text cell that my end users can type into it at will. I like to turn the Cells C2:C15000 in Sheet1 to turn yellow if the keyword in... 29 Mar 2010 21:26
Doing a countif against a substring of the range to be scanned
I need to see how many cells in a particular range have a substring that matches the text against which I'm searching. So, for example, I've tried the following formula: COUNTIF(left(B2:B292,10),"="&left(cell("contents",P242),10)) I knew that this wouldn't work, but I was hoping that being able to evaluate ... 29 Mar 2010 13:39
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