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Automatic recognition of a starting point for a column calculation
Hi Group, I'm having difficulties finding a way that will automate my calculation of Standevp as shown in image (Column AC). The variable is the starting date of the Monthly Performance as shown in image (Column V) What I'm looking for is a way that automatically finds the starting point for that calculation so... 30 Mar 2010 18:25
Countif function to show how often numbers within a range are
Unfortunately it did not but thanks for trying! I continued to do some searching for an answer and I found a formula that worked. Now my only problem is I have to research why it works but for now it does. I just don't know formulas that well yet and don't understand all the operands and statements used. ... 30 Mar 2010 15:01
Tabs Names
Is it possible to change all of the tabs names in my workbook (using something similar to "find & replace"?? ex: workbook tabs names: Q107, Q207, Q307, Q407 (for quarterly reports in 2007) Now I want to change the tabs to read: Q108, Q208, Q308, Q408. Is there a quick way? Thanks! ... 30 Mar 2010 15:01
I have a formula in spreadsheet to pull data from a pivot table. Part of the formula is a Date function. I would like to copy this formula down the spreadsheet with the date advancing to the next day, but it only directly copies the fomula. How can I get this to work without going into each cell and changein... 30 Mar 2010 18:25
Formatting Phone Numbers in Excel 2007 Help
I have phone numbers in two different formats: 1. 1-123-456-7890 (11 digits w/dashes) 2. 1234567890 (10 digits only) How can I convert the first format into the standard format in excel for phone numbers of (###) ###-####? I know the second format will do it automatically. Thanks in advance for your help... 31 Mar 2010 15:29
Countif function to show how often numbers within a range are pres
I use a sheet to track when I receive items, once per day, and I log the time in 24 HR format using numbers, no formatting. I want to be able to count how many times in a row (Month) the number is between two numbers to help me identify if I get the items in morning, afternoon, evening. I think I would use co... 30 Mar 2010 13:54
Need Help
Hi - can anyone help me with an Excel 2003 question? I'm working with 3 cells: a1 [format m/d/yyyy h:mm] - contents= 1/1/2010 b1 [format m/d/yyyy h:mm] - contents= null c1 [format text] - contents "CLOSED" All column & cell values are loaded in from a csv file. I can't [i.e. don't want to] place a formula i... 30 Mar 2010 16:09
Protected Sheets
I am protecting certain cells (Locking) in a workbook that is shared with many people. I have allowed for them to be able to select locked cells, sort, use Auto filter and edit scenarios and do formating. Everything is working the way we want it EXCEPT we can not use the SUM function. is there a way to do thi... 30 Mar 2010 18:25
Need a type of lookup / find formula PLEASE
HI does anyone know of a workaround as a formula for this VBA code. Range("A1:U200").Select test = Selection.Find(What:="40237", After:=ActiveCell, LookIn:=xlValues, _ LookAt:=xlPart, SearchOrder:=xlByRows, SearchDirection:=xlNext, _ MatchCase:=False, SearchFormat:=False).Address I th... 30 Mar 2010 13:54
Lookup function question
I am looking to create a formula that will see if a value from column 1 sheet 1 is present in column 1 sheet 2, and if it is, return the value from column 2 sheet 2... Can anyone help me with this? Thanks in advance... ... 30 Mar 2010 12:47
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