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[PHP] Validate if the field of a form is empty
Hi, I need to validate a field that work with Multifile plugin of Jquery, I want to check if the field is empty with php. [code] <input name="archivo[]" class="multi" type="file" accept="gif|jpg|png"/> <input name="button" type="submit" value="Submit"> [code] I've tried different ways but it does not work: f... 12 Jul 2010 15:11
Looking for a little MySQL help as well
Hey All, I am looking for a little MySQL Query help as well. I am not getting any response form the MySQl Email list to my query. And knowing there are some SQL wizards on this list I thought I would as for help as well. I have one table with products that many have one or more categories. I am using an index... 12 Jul 2010 19:39
help with sql statement
I was google searching, and the only SQL mailing list I found is currently giving a 503 error, so I hope you don't mind me asking my SQL question here, since there are a lot of SQL gurus here. I am having a syntax problem: Instead of doing a query like this:: select SMS_R_SYSTEM.Name from SMS_R_System wher... 13 Jul 2010 05:27
Recupero di pen drive e memory card non più accessibili
Non vedi più i tuoi dati personali o le foto a te più care contenute nella tua pen drive o memory card perchè il supporto non viene più riconosciuto dal sistema? Devi sapere che abbiamo il 99% di casi positivi di recupero dati e files da pen drive o memory card. Goditi l'estate ci penseremo noi a recuperare tutti... 12 Jul 2010 07:25
Static Class Member References
Hello PHPers, I'm having some trouble understanding some PHP behaviour. The following example script exhibits the behaviour which I cannot understand. [code] <?php class A { public static $a = 3; function __construct() { //self::$a = $this; //[i] self::$a =& $this; //[ii] } } class B ext... 14 Jul 2010 20:56
Netbeans XDebug Breakpoints Socket Accept
Hello, I'm trying to use the debugging features of Netbeans for the first time. The Netbeans debugger is not stopping at breakpoints. I searched the net, I found out i wasn't the only one with such issues. However, after going through the various posts, etc... i am still without a resolution. Setup: Window... 11 Jul 2010 18:12
State, City, and Zip Code DEMO [WORKS]
Hi gang: I've worked a bit more on my demo and would like to see if it passes your review. I've tested the DEMO on all the modern browsers (IE7, IE8, Safari, FF, Chrome, et al) and it works: <- works sweet on my iPad :-) You might give it a try. The point ... 10 Jul 2010 16:02
adduser & php
I am using php 5 on OpenBSD 4.7 I have a script which takes a username and password from $_POST, and is supposed to add the user to the system database. The problem is, adduser creates a username with the same name as the group. The code is: $username=$_POST['username']; $passwo... 16 Jul 2010 04:30
There has to be a better way!!
Okay so I've been fighting with this for awhile now and haven't found a better way yet.... What I want to do, is I have a small portion of my website included into a template. It is displaying hosting plans so on the main site "index.php" I want it to display a little bit of text (Same as on the main hos... 12 Jul 2010 07:25
Is there a way to get the width and height of text created with imagettftext? Karl DeSaulniers Design Drumm ... 10 Jul 2010 04:07
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