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Conditional unlock for cells
I found this site 'Pro Unlock Your Phone' ( for unlocking...It provides unlock code and instructions....With the help of this you can unlock easily... -- simbu ------------------------------------------------------------------------ simbu'... 1 Apr 2010 09:03
Data from one spreadsheet to the other
Help please. I have two worksheets, A and B. In A (BOM) I have the following info: WORK ORDER CODE QTY BLD096OF01 2-40-030B7 1.0 BLD555AA02 2-40-030B7 5.0 In B I require to extract the code and qty per Work order as this is required for planning p... 1 Apr 2010 07:57
Autorecover takes so long
Why does autorecover takes such in inordinate length of time in Excel 2007 to save in comparison with just saving the file? On my quad core machine with a Windows 7 installation about 2 weeks old, my 7 meg file varies between about 15 and 30 seconds to save . Autorecover however holds up the machine (paled ol... 1 Apr 2010 01:27
now using Office 2007 - how to convert Excel to Word & vice versa
before we had installed Microsoft 2007, we were able to convert Excel to Word and vice versa. can it still be done and how? Thank you for any info you may provide. ... 1 Apr 2010 02:32
Can I automatically have a space after the content in an Excel cel
I find it more readable to have a space between the last line of the text in a cell, and the lower borderline of the cell. Otherwise, a column becomes one long single column of text. Is there anyway to setup the cell or make it display so that each cell would always have this space automatically, rather than me... 1 Apr 2010 09:03
Word Wrap Not Working on Double Click
After formatting for word wrap, it will not work when double clicking the right side of the column. Instead the column will expand to fit the cell entry on one line. How can word wrap be forced to work? ... 31 Mar 2010 21:04
Printing problem in Excell 2007
One of my suppliers sends me his price list in an excel file, this file has a large Logo picture on the first page. When I look at the spreadsheet in any of the Excel views it looks great however when I print it or send it to Adobe Acrobat for PDF'ing the logo almost doubles in size covering data on the spre... 31 Mar 2010 18:51
lost ability to filter by color
Originally when using the filter I was given the option to filter by color or color of text but now I am no longer given that option. ... 31 Mar 2010 18:51
Problem with Excel getting correct # of records back from Access
I have a qry in MSAccess that brings me 1316 rows, but when I go to excel and run the qry it only gives me 692 rows. It look like it isn't making it to the 2nd statement or the "Or" statement in the query. Looking at the data in Excel. I can't remember how to get this to pass all the records over to Excel. Her... 31 Mar 2010 17:44
Excel Pivot table - getting back to the skeleton template
Hi, I hope somebody can help - I'm new to the forum so please be gentle - and thanks in advance. I'm sure there is a simple solution to this, but I'm now starting to bang my head! Here goes - Using Excel 2003 - Importing data from SQL server database. The users love the ability to be able to chop and chang... 1 Apr 2010 05:45
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