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Formula showing in cell
When I type a formula in a cell after hitting enter, the forumla not the value appears in the cell. It is not toggled to show the formula nor are the existing formulas in other cells showing. Any ideas? Carolyn ... 1 Apr 2010 16:54
Deleting rows meeting certain criteria in a particular column
I am trying to delete the entire row that meets cetain criteria. The first criteria is a blank cell in column B The second criteria is if the cell in column B contains "tot" or a prompt to enter the criteria. Any help is very much appreciated. Thanks ... 1 Apr 2010 15:47
Filter (blanks) with two or more unique values not working
Excel 07 - Multiple workbook issue - One of them has 6540 rows and CA columns. I auto filter all headers then try to sort on column BM (or any). I can filter for (blanks) and one unique value and will see only those items. If I choose (blanks) and two or more unique values, I will see all of the selected items... 8 Apr 2010 09:30
Chart - Custom Stacked Bar with Line
Hi, I've been looking at some techniques for custom charts written up by Jon Peltier, but I'm still confused mainly from lack of experience. | | | | | | | Above is a four week stacked-column chart with the first series o... 1 Apr 2010 14:39
VBA Printing Custom Footer on all but last page
I need to print a custom footer on all but the last printed page of a sheet. The last page can be of varied number.I have a basic knowledge of VBA and the macro I have written is not working very wel. Can somebody provide me with a correct macro that will do the job so that I can compare were I have gone wrong. ... 1 Apr 2010 18:01
.csv Saved File Question
Hello, Using Excel 2007 and Windows7 I have a radio control program where one defines a list of frequencies, modes, etc, row after row, and the radio program can then do an IMPORT of these database frequencies and allow tuning to the particular frequency. The spreadsheet format that is required is well spel... 1 Apr 2010 14:39
Formula to move from cell to cell
I need to create a formula that looks at cell P6 and if <> 0 does a calculation, if P6 is equal to 0 it moves to cell Q6 and looks to see if it is 0 or not, if not then it creates a calculation then onto cell R6 etc. The calculation needs to be based on whatever the last cell is that is <>0. P6 is the last cel... 1 Apr 2010 14:39
saving with excel 2007 and oppening with excel 2003
I was able to save an Excel file with extension .xlsx ( 2007) in Excel 2003. These are the steps : 1) open the 2007 file and save the file using SAVE AS and choosing a .dif format ( Data Interchange Format ) which is one of the options you have, 2) open this new file and again using SAVE AS , this time you can c... 1 Apr 2010 13:32
Sort Warning disabled? Need to enable it
I am trying to Sort from A-Z, but the normal warning to expand the selection does not appear? Is there some way to enable this or work around it to filter the entire document by the column I choose? ... 1 Apr 2010 13:32
outlook 2007 wont recognize my profiles
Outlook gives me an error stating that I do not have profiles setup. The issue is that I do have them setup and the software was working properly. ... 1 Apr 2010 13:32
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