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Using Tab key to jump to specific cell
I've created a 'fillable form' and somehow (magically) when the tab key is pressed in certain cells, the cursor jumps to the next appropriate cell to be filled (Example I filled in cell B1 and the next fillable cell is D4. If I hit the tab key after typing in B1, the cursor will jump to D4). But this does not... 6 Apr 2010 14:12
Count max consecutive cells
Col A Col B ColC Col D Col E Col F Col G Col H Row1 . . . x . . 3 Row2 x x . x . . 2 Row3 . . . ... 6 Apr 2010 13:03
can anyone please help me out with a formula wherein i have some 100s of records in an excel sheet,with coloums as below S.No item No. issue date expiry date amount extension date E1 E2 E3 the said item nos. will be depening on the requirement keep on extending the dates in the corresponding item no in t... 6 Apr 2010 09:42
I just uninstalled and reinstalled Excel 2003. Before, when I had multiple Excel files open, I could move between them swiftly within Excel using Alt-F6. But now, Alt-F6 is not working. All I can do is use Alt-Tab, which is more time-consuming, as I must move between EVERYTHING in all programs open. How do I ge... 6 Apr 2010 08:35
Calculate Filtered Columns
Excel 2007 How can I calculate columns when I use the filter? The calculated numbers do not always match what they should be. ... 6 Apr 2010 19:53
Pivot Table - replace numbers with a text
Hi, I have a Pivot table with some numbers in it. Is there a way to replace the numbers with a text? For example: replace all numbers >1 with "yes" . Is this possible? If not whats the best way to achieve this? Regards, Vinstream ... 6 Apr 2010 06:24
Default date format (with shortcut keys)
(I am working with XP and Off2007) <ctrl #> (UK keyboard) applies a date format. Where do I define which date format this short-cut applies? What I have found so far: * <ctrl ;> inserts today's date. in my case that is displayed as "06/04/2010" - which matches the definition of Control panel, regional opt... 6 Apr 2010 06:24
.xls .doc files have become corrupted after BSOD!!! how recover?
How can corrupted .xls & .doc file be recovered to Excel and Word applications? ... 6 Apr 2010 23:11
Hi: I am trying to write an if formula that if B2 is equal to a specific date in a range of dates then it is the end of a pay period, if B2 is equal to a date in a second range of dates then it state pay day. I have set up two tables with dates. One has pay period ending dates and the other table has pay da... 6 Apr 2010 01:01
formula needs to move across 1 column every week
Hi I need some help, i have a simple formula that sums for example AA40:AG40. Every week this has to increment across 1 column ie. AB40:AH40 in week 2 Currently i'm adjusting these formulas manually. Is there an easier way to do this? Thanks edul ... 6 Apr 2010 05:19
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