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I need to copy a formula to a 100 cells
e4=1.075 Tax =c10*e4 original formula =c11*e5 (should be e4) =c12*e6 (should be e4) =c13*e7 (should be e4) =c14*e8 (should be e4) =c15*e9 (should be e4) =c16*e10 (should be e4) =c17*e11 (should be e4) =c18*c12 (should be e4) =c19*c13 (should be e4) I need to copy the formula C10*E4 to a hundred rows... 8 Apr 2010 16:20
Printing on Plotter
How do you print on a plotter a large scale spreadsheet. I want to print a spreadsheet the size of a poster (4' by 5') so people can read it from afar. ... 8 Apr 2010 15:12
Macro to hide/unhide WS based upon WS tab color
I have this macro to hide all WS that have red tabs. But it dosn't work. It only hides one tab when there are many that are red. What is wrong? Sub Hide_shts() Dim ws As Worksheet For Each ws In ThisWorkbook.Worksheets If ws.Tab.Color = 255 Then ws.Visible = False End If Next End Sub Thanks, J... 8 Apr 2010 15:12
What is the formula for calculating the age (Expiry Date)
If an product is created on 5th of April and after 5 days i.e., on 10th of April it is considered as out of standard what is the excel based formula i can use.. ... 8 Apr 2010 14:03
Excel 2003 - Maximum number of characters a cell can contain?
I was given a document in Excel 2003 to clean up. Some of the cells have easily, several hundred characters. Think big paragraphs. Not all of the text is appearing in the cell, probably half. If I double click on the cell, all of the text is visible, but when I click off, only half is showing. Is there a m... 8 Apr 2010 14:03
Printing Problem
I have a spreadsheet with a picture on the first page. When I look at the spreadsheet in any of the Excel views it looks great however when I print the spreadsheet the logo almost doubles in size covering data on the spreadsheet. I have noticed that some other of my spreadsheets have started doing the same ... 8 Apr 2010 12:37
Remove print area from multiples pages
I have a workbook with 183 pages and need to remove print areas from all pages. Is there a way to do this all at once? ... 8 Apr 2010 14:03
Error when Saving a Workspace
When I try to save a workspace I get an error message that says "The extension can not be used with the selected file type. Change the file extension in the file name text box or select a different file type by changing the save as type". I have tried these suggestions but it doesn't work. The only file type av... 8 Apr 2010 12:37
Convert Grams to Ounces, Ounces to Grams without a conflict
I am creating my own food log in Excel. When I look up different foods some are listed in grams, others in ounces. With two columns, one with a heading of “Ounces” and another with a heading of “Grams” I would like to be able to list one and calculate the other. Both columns can not have formulas that relate... 8 Apr 2010 18:35
Data summary
I have a 13 sheet report with each line a different date and each column different data, I want to puul date specific data to a summary sheet using date entry on the summary sheet ie. 04/10/10 = 04/10/10 on each line of the data sheets and I want to pull the data from column A,B,F,G I hope I have explained this... 8 Apr 2010 12:37
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