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sum function
Hi, How can I sum the numbers in a column in Excel where some numbers carry a "<" sign in front of them (such as <1) and I want to include numbers such "<1" in calculation as "1". For Example if numbers are entered as follows 0.5 <1 0.5 I would like to value to be returned as "2" when I apply "sum" fu... 18 Apr 2010 11:58
Excel Shared Over Internet
Our guard unit is going to deploy with another guard unit from another state and I am trying to figure out a way we can share the same spreadsheet in real time like a shared spreadsheet on a LAN. Is it possible to share a spreadsheet on an internet site ? Any suggestions would greatly be appreciated. ... 18 Apr 2010 09:45
Pasting in Excel has started taking a long time.
Copying or cutting then pasting on same or another sheet a range of cells in Excel has started to take ages. Nothing complicated just data. ... 18 Apr 2010 09:45
Excel Formatted Spreadsheet To SQL ?
Hello, Is there any reasonably straightforward way to convert an Excel spreadsheet, or part of one, to a format that SQL would accept ? Thanks, Bob ... 18 Apr 2010 09:45
How to sort names in alphabetical ascending order?
There is a table from cell M2 to W200, which contains names and empty cell. I would like to retrieve the names and sort them in in alphabetical ascending order under Z column. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to do it in excel? Thanks in advance for any suggestions Eric ... 18 Apr 2010 16:25
How to retrieve the yahoo symbols into excel?
There is a list of stock constituents from yahoo, I would like to retrieve each stock symbol into excel, but I need to manual do it one at a time by copying its link into excel. Does anyone have any suggestions on how to retrieve the yahoo symbols into excel? Thanks i... 18 Apr 2010 02:07
Sorting by Content
Hi I have a spreadsheet with numerous addresses in col. A 1-999 15 Smith Street Jonestown 21 George Street Blacktown etc. In col B. 1-166 I have the name of all the suburbs in our region How can is sort col. A by suburb using the name of the suburbs in Col.B. ? Any help much appreciated Regards Step... 19 Apr 2010 14:41
send color filled shape behind text
I am working on a time line for a class and have Word 2007. In the first column of cells I have dates. I inserted an arrow from Shapes and filled it in with color. My dates are now behind the colored arrow. I want the dates to appear on top of the colored arrow. I have tried selecting the arrow and then under F... 17 Apr 2010 22:54
How to change default date formula on Excel worksheet
Excel 2007 Want to change the default formula for date on worksheet. Currently any date input auto displays as "17-Apr" for example. I know how to format to display 4/17/2010, but want this as default when I open the worksheet. In excel 2003 it was easy set up in "Options" in 2007, I can't seem to figure how... 18 Apr 2010 13:04
copy if
I want to copy data from one cell to another, but only if a 3rd cell has data example M3=A2(if A1 has data) do i need a macro for this ... 17 Apr 2010 21:49
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