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vlookup and if, I think
I have the following data: Client January February March (and so on until December) A 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 1 B 1 1 1 1 1 1 Each time I visit a client, I enter a 1 in the corresponding cell. I want to detail, in a separate range, how many times I visit ... 4 May 2010 12:21
Leave Blank If No Data
I have two columns of dollar amounts I want to add, E & F,and subtract the third, G, and the results in column H. So I entered the formula =Sum(E2+F2-G2) down column H and that works but it automatically enters $0.00 down the column. So I entered the following formula down column H and that got rid of the ... 25 Apr 2010 22:18
blocked file format
I am using a procedure that saves password-protected a 2007 excel file to a folder. when I try to open it I get the message: "excel cannot open the file because the file format or file extention is not valid,,," I was told that making the folder a "trusted location" will prevent file format blocking but t... 26 Apr 2010 10:16
TextBox lock
How do I stop anyone from changing values or text in a textbox? The textbox in question is linked to a cell and I dont want anyone able to click on it and change the value or text. ... 30 Apr 2010 11:44
Can I random sample from a set until every sample is selected?
does any know if sampling from a set can be done until all values are selected? ... 26 Apr 2010 17:14
last negative cell
Hi. I have a column that contain numbers (either + or -). I want to find the last cell that contains a -ve value and return the corresponding date from the adjoining column e.g Col A Col B 1-Apr-2010 -1000 2-Apr-2010 -1000 3-Apr-2010 +500 4-Apr-2010 -1000 5-Apr... 25 Apr 2010 16:44
TextBox format?
I am trying to format a textbox and I'm using to following code: Private Sub TextBox1_Change TextBox1.Value = Format (TextBox1.Value, "###0") End Sub But nothing happens......Any ideas? ... 25 Apr 2010 18:57
Creating a League table
Hi all Can You Help I have a work book called" Best Dress on League" On Sheet called" League information" I have in Column A Date Column B Venue Column C Town Column H points that apply to this entry On sheet" League tables "I would like display League information above in an order that reflects the High... 25 Apr 2010 14:25
Excel and Windows Live Mail
Hi all I update my Mail add-in and VBA code examples to avoid the error if you use Windows Live Mail as your default mail program. More information in the blog post : If you have problems let me know so I can... 25 Apr 2010 13:17
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