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Excel 2007 page break problem
I am having a problem with page breaks. After making up a new sheet, I go to review it in Print Preview, and it appears that every carriage return has automatically inserted a Page Break. This turns a 1 page 8 line sheet into 8, or 16 pages. Also, the pages in Print Preview are blank. When I view the workbo... 25 Apr 2010 00:55
3 hour rotating schedule
I would like to make a rotating schedule for our vbs. It would be for 3 hours a day. Each day being the same schedule. Time start would be 6:00 p.m. End would be 9:00 p.m. I have 5 groups and a total of 6 classes or time slots. Opening assembly being 15 mins long 2nd class 20 mins 3rd class 60 mins 4th ... 25 Apr 2010 09:56
Excel in Office 2007
Can someone advise where to set the default Zoom to 150% instead of factory default 100%. Thanks, Scott ... 24 Apr 2010 23:50
in excel where it says a b c d on top how to shrink that
in excel in the colum where it says a,b ,c, how to shrink that row. ... 24 Apr 2010 22:44
Lact cell data copied
Need some help on a basic question. I have a list of constantly growing data & I would like the last entered value in this list to copied to a fixed cell. EG, if the last entered cell was say line 20 with value "A64" I would like this value to be posted to say A1 and as data is entered in line 20 this value woul... 25 Apr 2010 21:13
Converting Baseball Innings when Summed
Hey everyone, Essentially my problem boils down to summing baseball innings in a column. The data I am copying and pasting comes in the standard form of dictating innings. Instead of saying 1 and 1/3 inning, baseball translates this as 1.1 innings. Similarly, 1 and 2/3 inning is 1.2. The problem is that... 24 Apr 2010 19:27
formula help
I need to know what formula to use for this hope someone can help in cell A2 i have a percentage value. I want cell B2 to display a value of 1 or 0 1 if the value in cell A2 is above 10% or below -10% and 0 if the value in Cell A2 is between 10% and -10% hopefully this makes sense I have approximately ... 26 Apr 2010 14:57
Is this possible?
Hello experts, I have been trying to resolve the following: In an (excel 2002)worksheet, column H contains a series of formulae eg: In H3 is (H2+C3-B3) - it continues down to H500. Column A is formatted for date entry from A1 to A500. If A4 and the remainder have yet to have dates entered, I'm trying to c... 25 Apr 2010 06:36
Add text to cliparts
I have a clip art (picture) which has a macro assigned to. When I move the pointer to it is swaps to a hand. I would like when this happen to display some text as it happen with regular commands on the command bar... like "cut" on the scissors How can I do it? Thanks ... 26 Apr 2010 14:57
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