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Access 2007 - Run Time error '2114':
The following error occurs when attempting to open a image in Access 2007. Microsoft Office Access doesn't support the format of the file 'C:\FirstResponser\Images\HK07_100003_SITE-MAP_1990.tif, ' or file is too large. Try converting the file to BMP format. This also occurs with .pdf format. Have converted to... 18 Sep 2009 13:23
Autofill subform when move to new record on Main form
below is code that I used on a different database that worked well to automatically populate the new record based on values inprevious record but it was only a single form: Function AutoFillNewRecord(F As Form) Dim rs As DAO.Recordset, C As Control Dim FillFields As String, FillAllFields As Integ... 1 Oct 2009 11:43
Paste Append into Access 2007 from Excel 2007
I looked in my installed programs and they are a few MS Office updates but none of them is the KB958437, so is there anything else I could check to fix Paste Append from Excel to Access? "Dean O." wrote: I'm having the exact same problem. It's caused by the recent Excel security update (KB958437). I ... 16 Sep 2009 11:51
Warehouse Organization and movement.
Did you ever find a resolution. I am having the same problem. Brian "MrEd" wrote: I am having a similar experience. I upgraded to R2 and promoted a new server to be the RMS. After I did that I started getting this error. Event Type: Error Event Source: Health Service Modules Event Category... 16 Sep 2009 10:43
Access 2007 running .mdb using ApplyFilter w parameter query very
I'm using a db built "long ago" (probably Access 97), which is currently being used mainly by Access 03 users. When used in Access 2007, performance is MUCH slower. None of the posts I've found seem to be addressing the same issue; I'm hoping someone can provide some insight. I'm not looking to rebuild the db (... 15 Sep 2009 14:40
How do i convert access 2007 to 2003 files using access 2003?
I have access 2003 but have a access 2007 file which does not open in 2003 due to the fact that the compatability pack only covers word, powerpoint and excel ... 15 Sep 2009 12:24
�DKFJr�ltnrflb njbn.lvffrwlkthwo�tho�rhyRGTNroth�kfjnge��gh��r ... 14 Sep 2009 09:40
Unable to open ODBC databases
When I select "ODBC databases" in the Access 2007 open dialog I get this error: "Microsoft Office Access does not support opening HTML pages." What's the problem? Since when are ODBC databases HTML pages? ... 9 Sep 2009 18:46
envoie de mail
mon probl�me est que je peu envoyer les mails , mais je ne re�ois plus ceux qui me sont envoyes salutation madame chever chrystelle ... 9 Sep 2009 11:57
Need GardenCo database copy
I signed up for a Microsoft Online course in to fill in /refresh my Access skills <>. All the assignments and questions in the online automated course reference a Gardens database. No text or download links for the database appeared visible in the sign-in for the class. I... 7 Sep 2009 21:13
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