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Opening Access Forms causes crash.
Since yesterday when I try to open most Access forms on my machine, the access crashes with errors: Faulting application msaccess.exe, version 10.0.6771.0, faulting module unknown, version, fault address 0x001fc858. Some forms can be opened successfully, but most caused a crash(fault address can be differe... 2 Feb 2007 20:24
Error on Close?
When I close Access, after opening a database, it gives me an error. I have tried with Access XP, 2003, and 2007. I open a database and then when I close the application it crashes. Major functionality isn't changed I suppose but it is very annoying. If I haven't opened a database then there is no problem, Acc... 10 Dec 2006 19:52
Run time error '287'
Hi all, Here I am again, still working on getting the automation to work with Access and Word mail merge. I am no longer getting the Word cannot open the data source error but now I am getting the above referenced "Run-time error '287': Application-defined or object-defined error" which really stumps me bec... 4 Dec 2006 03:47
Really Appreciate Help
"Bonnie" wrote: Hi Stephen, Just a note to let you know I figured it out. We are now viewing multi page tifs, conveniently moving through pages and keying from image. One funny things is happening if you have a thought - after I view an image and go back in to the form, try to review the i... 7 Dec 2006 10:04
Data Access Page
I have created a data access page for our Intranet. I can view the data on our work stations but are unable to edit the data? How can I edit the data? Thanks. ... 30 Oct 2006 13:08
Security problem
After many years of use, I can no longer access my Access files on my network. I am getting messages saying: "The file is located outside your intranet or on an untrusted site. Microsoft Access will not open the file due to potential security problems." All Access files are affected. No other files (Excel,... 31 Aug 2006 09:37
How do i search the r2600ex.tlb
r2600ex.tlb ??2.0?? ????????????????????????DLL ??????????????????DLL ?????????????????????“Visual Basic ???”(“??”??)?“??”??????“?????”?????????????????????????????????????????? ??“?????”?????????????“MISSING:”??????????????(????????)??????????????“?????”?????“MISSING: <referencename>”??????????“??...”????????... 29 Jun 2006 06:12
Controlling Scanner
I am trying to control a scanner from within Access, allowing users to select account details etc. and scan documents for storage and later retrieval. I have been checking out a number of products that claim to allow this, but never quite achieve was I want. I've looked at ScanDLL50 from Informatik which is an ... 20 Feb 2006 12:02
example of resigning letter to employee
i want to write resignition letter to my employyee i need sample buisness letter ... 19 Dec 2005 04:13
Access 2003 error "unsafe expressions"
Hi, Has anybody found a solution to this error message when you first open a DB: "Security Warning: Unsafe expressions are not blocked" It goes on to ask about Microsoft Jet 4.0 Service Pack 8 must be installed, and then finally gives you a window to open the application. This application was developed i... 15 Dec 2005 23:39
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