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ADO error "could not find installable ISAM"
Hi all. I'm trying to use some ADO via VBA in my database, and I'm running up against the error "could not find installable ISAM." It's frustrating since I have the same connect string except for the file name in excel vba for another database. I just set up the ADO reference, 2.8. Any suggestions? Here's my co... 30 Sep 2009 06:50
... 27 Sep 2009 10:10
Access running very slow (Vista?)
Hi there - until last week I ran a database on MS Access XP. However I have since moved to Vista Home Premium and have found that the database now runs very slow, especially with filtering and queries etc. Would vista me a cause of this. (I will be moving to Windows 7 when it's available as part of a dell prom... 29 Sep 2009 17:35
Dat sach qua mang
Chao chi Luyen, Toi nhan duoc email nay cua chi o hop thu thanhhoadg(a) nhung toi khong reply duoc, nen toi phai dung hop thu nay de email cho chi biet. So dt cua toi la 0976205045, chang hieu vi sao ma chi lien lac khong duoc? toi da mua sach rat nhieu lan cua vinabook. Toi co goi dt lai so 39432343, nhu... 24 Sep 2009 02:45
Missing Utility.mda
I had the same problem. I seem to have the problem on my laptop and yet not on the desktop, and I cannot find utility.mda on the desktop. It almost seems that simply unchecking 'Missing: Utility.mda' stops Access for trying to use it, and the code and query run. Then the next time I looked 'Missing: Utility.mda... 23 Sep 2009 09:55
salam hale jan khaste nabashi man alirezam mikhastam 1musik az enriqe ke taghdimesh mikonam be shila rasti azash bekha mano enghad aziat nakone mersi golam ... 23 Sep 2009 04:26
conditional list box
I am building a table with several list boxes. When entering a record, I want the user's selection in one list box to effect the choices in another list box. How do a create a list box that displays particular values based on another list box ... 21 Sep 2009 13:27
pourquoi les messages sont -ils écrits en anglais, je ne sais lire que le Français ??? ... 21 Sep 2009 05:35
oude metalen
beste wat is de prijs van het ijzer mvg johan ... 20 Sep 2009 14:03
Access 2007 running .mdb using ApplyFilter w parameter query v
Yeah I agree it's hokey, but that is what is there. I tried the core of suggestion, by using the Where parameter in the macro rather than the Filter parameter, and still got poor performance. Thing is; I don't want to have to rebuild the thing completely: I first want to know what changed about Access 2007 to ca... 18 Sep 2009 17:54
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