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Compact and Repair Error
I have a 2003 database. When I execute a Compact and Repair I receive the message "You can't exit Microsoft Access now. If you are using a Visual Basic module that is using OLE or DDE you may need to interrupt the module." What do I need to do? Thanks ... 3 Sep 2009 13:59
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Enter key to go to next record
I am using 2003 and had set to move to next record after enter already and it wasn't working. Is it possible since the form has 2 buttons duplicate button and a close that it would not work? Another words they finish the last field and the 2 buttons follow it but, they press enter on the last field and it does ... 3 Sep 2009 12:52
spell checker
On 2 Sep, 07:06, kevcar40 <kevca...(a)> wrote: On 2 Sep, 06:50, "[MVP]" <ban...(a)> wrote: On Sep 1, 12:22 pm, kevcar40 <kevca...(a)> wrote: On 1 Sep, 08:13, "[MVP]" <ban...(a)> wrote: On Sep 1, 8:28 am, kevcar40 <kevca...(a)> wrot... 14 Sep 2009 02:00
Memoria insuficiente para realizar esta operacion.
Despues de pegar varios botones en un formulario en Access2003 no me deja abrir el formulario ni en modo de ejecuci�n ni en vistab dise�o y me saca el mensaje: Memoria insuficiente para realizar esta operaci�n. Cierre los ... Alguien sabe como arreglarlo sin tener que rehacer el formulario. Garcias a todos... 28 Jul 2008 14:07
Ihr Schreiben vom 12.Juli 2008
Bruno Bohner Hofgut zur Dornerm�hle Zucht von Oldenburger Sportpferden Hohenkr�henstrasse 82 D-78224 Singen Tel./Fax.: 07731/42544 E-Mail:E-Mail: BBS-Dornermuehle(a) E-MAIL VORAB/EINSCHREIBEN Herr Heinz Huber Singener Str. 42 a D-78256 Stei�lingen Singen, 20. Juli 200... 24 Jul 2008 18:04
Query/Report Error
I am trying create a simple report off of a make-table query that I have. The query itself works fine and creates the table. This is the SQL for the Depression Query: SELECT DISTINCT Table1.UniqueID, [Table 10].SatisfiedWithLife, [Table 10].DroppedActivitiesAndInterest, [Table 10].LifeIsEmpty, [Table 10].Oft... 18 Jul 2008 15:28
Access 2000 ver 9.0.6926 versus 9.0.8948
I need a little help finding a version of MS Access 2000. A user is getting an error when running a job in Access 2000 that other users running the same job do not get. The only difference is the version of Access they are running. The user getting the error has version 9.0.6926 and the users not getting the er... 16 Jul 2008 16:09
N�o foi poss�vel exibir a mensagem. O Outlook Express encontrou um problema inesperado ao exibir esta mensagem. Verifique se h� mem�ria e espa�o em disco suficientes no computador e tente novamente. -------------------------------------------------------------------------- Window... 2 Jul 2008 17:03
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