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Passing Arguments
Passing Arguments Hello, I’ve created a sub to delete and open tables. It looks like this: ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ Sub OpenCloseTable(strTableName As String) DoCmd.Close acTable, strTableName DoCmd.OpenTable (strTableName) End Sub ‘’’’’’’’’’’’’’’’ With the code, however, I have to close and open the same table. ... 24 Mar 2010 11:12
Is Autocompletion Possible?
I want to have a sort of autocompletion be available so as to help in completing a field, if recording any entry similar to already existing one, only at a few clicks, instead of inserting a Full Name everytime. -- Thanx & Best Regards, Faraz! ... 19 Mar 2010 17:49
I want to ask this question
Could I post something about Microsoft Windows 7? ... 18 Mar 2010 09:21
Command button to open folder
I'm working on an accident tracking database. Users input accident details on a form, which automatically assigns a case number based upon date & time. They also create a folder on the computer to store pictures of the accident scene, and name the folder with the case number. Is it possible to have a command... 18 Mar 2010 07:05
Wrong time
The Windows clock is not right. I have Windows Vista Professional. Answer me as soon as possible. Thanks. ... 18 Mar 2010 03:45
SendObject doesn't find fields in querry
I have a form that has a button to run an "event Procedure" to preview a report, and to email the report as a pdf attachment. The codes I use are as follows: Private Sub emailfullpricesheet_Click() DoCmd.OpenReport "Full Price Sheet", acViewPreview, , , acWindowNormal DoCmd.SendObject acSendReport,... 18 Mar 2010 08:11
Set Value Macro
I have Two Tables one table has a combo box with an tblEmployeeSalary. the other table I have is called tblSalaryHours. In tblEmployeeSalaries I have a combo box called Salary which represents the Annual salary of the employee. I want to use the Set Value Macro to paste that salary value in to my other in a tex... 17 Mar 2010 23:25
display a message when a date expire
My database Members has a frmMembers and a subform Drivinglicence, both are conencted by MemberID. The subform has got these fields: MemberID, DrivingLicenceType, StartDate and EndDate. How would I set this up so when the database is opened or when i open the subform a message appears reporting about the Enddate r... 19 Mar 2010 15:32
Save a record when switching tabs or clicking button
Hey there, When a user enters data on my form, and then either switches to another open tab, OR clicks on a button on the current form that opens another form, I want their data to be saved. How can I go about this? I tried the OnDirty event of the form as well as the Lost Focus event and neither is firing so I ... 22 Mar 2010 20:41
linking tables from different Access templates?
Hello I have been playing with Access 2007 and am at the stage of almost being ready to ditch the "toy" database and prepare the real thing. I have been working on a database set up for us which has worked well but is showing its limitations (and highlighting mine!) I like the look of the Access 2007 Conta... 17 Mar 2010 18:43
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