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Speeding up access programs with linked tables
The business that i help program is running with alot of access programs and many of them seem to be extremely slow when they are using linked tables. what are some possible solutions for this situation? Thanks, Nathan ... 23 Mar 2010 18:21
opeing excel
I just purchased a used computer recently. I moved from windows XP to vista. Everything works fine other than when someone sends me a file or opening a file in excel, I get a bunch of garbbage and am unable to read the page. However, word opens just fine. How can I make a change to open excel in a readable form... 23 Mar 2010 10:09
dlookup with if
Access 2003 On the form called fClosure ApprovalPopUp I have a combobox called SignaturePM. The default value for SignaturePM is currently =DLookUp("[ContactPMID]","[t040Project]","[ProjectID] =" & [Forms]![fClosure]![ProjectID]) How do I edit the above DLookUP to this... =if LoginUser = PMUser then DLoo... 23 Mar 2010 10:09
input a comma after 2 digits
Beginner here! i have for example this column in Access '439965' '23112' and I want to put a comma after the first 2 digits and look like this. I dont mind creating a new column '43,9965' '23,112' --- frmsrcurl: ... 22 Mar 2010 23:01
Change the date format and now no calendar pop-up appears
Hi there I had to change the date format from mm/dd/yyyy to the medium date of Mmm-dd-yyyy because I can't convince my database users to change their date format to mm/dd/yyyy. As a result, the pop-up calendar in Access 2007 no longer appears in my database. How do I fix it so that it appears? Thank you... 22 Mar 2010 19:15
prueba.esc __________ Informaci´┐Żn de ESET NOD32 Antivirus, versi´┐Żn de la base de firmas de virus 4966 (20100322) __________ ESET NOD32 Antivirus ha comprobado este mensaje. part000.txt - la descompresion no se ha podido completar. Es posible que no exista suficiente cantidad de memoria o espacio en disco... 22 Mar 2010 18:06
Calculating a value that is not a number
I have a field with a list box for each record. The Row Source Type in properties is Value List and the Row Source List is "Yes", "No", and "N/A". I need to count how many "No" there are in one unbound text box and divide it into the total count of the field answers to get a percentage of what the "No" answer... 22 Mar 2010 18:06
Access 2003 saves in 2000 by default.
Hi, Have an access 2003 access data base, SP1. I know its behind the curve, but am in the process of having IT update the 17 computers using the database to SP3. Access has save as 2000 by default. Would it be advantageous /problematic/make no difference to change it to 2003. Thanks. ... 22 Mar 2010 18:06
Combo Box Update
What is the code and where should it be place to update a main form combo box after entering data into a subform combox? ... 2 Apr 2010 02:49
When Access 2007 opens, open the default database file
How can I get Access 2007 to open a specific file everytine it opens? Gyy ... 22 Mar 2010 19:15
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