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Conditional Format problem
If tbAdditionCharge is Null and tbAdditionAmount is more than 1 condition should be meet but it does not with this code??? IsNull([tbAdditionCharge]) And [tbAdditionChargeAmount]>0 -- Thanks in advance for any help with this......Bob MS Access 2007 accdb Windows XP Home Edition Ver 5.1 Service Pack 3 ... 29 Mar 2010 15:52
how to increase the speed for large datasets?
Dear all, Karl Dewey helped me to write a nice code to deal with combining records into range (below), however, it run really slow when there are over 1000 ranges. Is it possible to run every 20 or 100 ranges and combine all ranges finally to raise the speed? If yes, how to do that? Thank you very much for ... 29 Mar 2010 14:45
Mathematical Calculations in a form linked back to a table
Hello I palnning on implementing calculation between two fields, and the result within another field. Suppose I have three fields called A B and C respectively. In the form I plan on Inputing a value for[A] and Inputing a value for [B]. Now, Field [C] will calculate [A]-[B]. When filed [C] is calculated, it is not in t... 27 Mar 2010 02:16
Autonum Problems
I am using Office 2007 but it says that my database is Access 2000 File format. I have a field MRP# that is autonumber...been working fine till today. My next autonum should be 1747 but it wants to put in the autonum of won't let me do anything with it becuase it is a duplicated number. What has h... 26 Mar 2010 15:37
Update a field from one table to another?
In my Corporates table I have CorpName and CorpID. In my related table CorpContacts I have CorpName already but have only just added the field CorpID and now I need to input all those values. I'm guessing I can use an Update Query to do this (?) i.e. to say that where the CorpNames are the same, the CorpName shou... 26 Mar 2010 16:46
Preciso de ajuda
eu acabei de criar esse email, mais n�o estou conseguindoo n�o entendi a parte q q agente tem que configurar os servidores de entrada e saida de emails, oque � isso!!! ... 26 Mar 2010 13:12
change the default opening of a form to enter a new record
How can you stop a form defaulting to record 1 when you want to type in a new record. The only way we are getting round this at the moment is to click on the icon New record. However, every time we open the form to enter another record it is always showing record 1 -- Thank you for reading my post. Hopefully... 26 Mar 2010 13:12
create an empty program?
Hi guys how can I create a fresh empty database from a original database currently in use? Thanks jo ... 28 Mar 2010 15:41
Why can't a primary key be duplicated?
Why can't a primary key be duplicated in Access? ... 29 Mar 2010 13:38
All Metal Heads!
While you're at work, check out Get your metal fix! Thats all! ... 25 Mar 2010 22:02
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