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: Please explain more. Both the humility and the interface design part.

I promise, it has nothing to do with you. <g>

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>: Please explain more. Both the humility and the interface design part.
>I promise, it has nothing to do with you. <g>

Oh, gotcha.

BTW yes I do know that the main screen of the Auto FE Updater is dated
and sucks. I'm just waiting for a graphics person to finish
designing some icons and I'm going to get rid of the text command
buttons and have a toolbar at the top

Useless frippery but ....

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"Tom Shelton" <tom_shelton(a)comcast.invalid> wrote

> > Did you accidentally on purpose forget what
> > group you're in again? :)
> No. I know what group I'm in. You cut off the rest of the sentence.
> I mentioned .N E T - but that wasn't the focus of the sentance. Or is
> .N E T not even allowed to be written in here?

It would be better for all concerned if you did not mention it by name,
even if you mean to reference it. Keeping those specific letters out of
the group helps to avoid people searching for those types of answers
from finding this group in their search results.

Common replacements for that technology are; .Nxt, and .Not


From: Mayayana on
> I was referring to people
> here. People writing Windows software.

| Funny, that's what I do - and have done almost my
| whole career

You've said in the past that you mainly work
server-side. .Net server-side makes sense. By
Windows software I mean "Desktop" software.
You know that. Yet you repeatedly conflate the

| right now the hot market is mobile devices - something
| which VB.CLASSIC
| is a complete fail at.
| C# at least can be used on both MS based phones and iPhones. Yes,
| iPhones. While not officially supported by apple, Novel has a native
| compiler and development tools for mono on the iPhone.
| Android, which is another place where there is a lot of growing
| interest. But of course, you have to use Java and C for that... I
| just set up a linux based VM for android development :)
| Never mind as long as you stick with VB.CLASSIC you will be locked out
| of almost ALL of the hot new environments. Windows apps are becoming
| very passe my friend... And while .NET isn't in all of the
| environments, at least it's in some - and those of use that don't
| shackle our selves to a single language and development paradigm have a
| good chance of weathering the comming shift...

You talk about C# on iPhone, Ruby, Java. You
used the phrase "hot new" twice. Phone apps
are "hot new" and PC software is "passe"...

So you're hanging around a VB group fuming that
people should do *anything* but use VB. ?? This is
becoming a strange obsession with you.

I wish you well with your Android plans. It doesn't
interest me. I see a dubious shareware-type market,
aimed at a moving target, mainly dealing in things
that people don't need and won't pay for. To a great
extent it involves selling digital pacifiers to distracted
yuppies who are lost in a hypnotic swoon of manic
techno-depravity, helplessly diddling their smart-phones.
That's no way to make a living.

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"Mayayana" <mayayana(a)invalid.nospam> wrote in message
: So you're hanging around a VB group fuming that
: people should do *anything* but use VB. ?? This is
: becoming a strange obsession with you.

FINALLY!!! I have been saying this for months!! Now someone else sees it.

He can't help himself Maya. It's almost like he regrets the path he's
chosen, but can't openly admit it, so he comes and hangs out here, looking
sadly at our group from afar, always wishing he had stayed behind.

Where as Paul is here just to be a dispenser of FUD, ole Skelton here, he's
just a stalker. Wanting what he can't have and hating us for it.

When Windows 8, with it's COM core comes out Tom, you'll be eatin' some crow
old man.