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IIS : Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)
Hi! I've accidentally removed "default web site" from "web sites" folder, in Internet Information Service. Now I cannot access to any site from the server when I use localhost,, or the static IP. It returns the message: "Bad Request (Invalid Hostname)". How can I solve this problem? Thanks in advan... 20 Sep 2005 09:08
Virtual directory on non-default web site
I've a w2k with iis5. I had a application running on the default web site. I install a new web site running in other port, only for tests. I disable the default web site and change the porta of my other site to 80. Then I'm able to use this site. In the Internet Information server configuration, I change the def... 19 Sep 2005 16:34
IIS6, HTTP refuses connection after 4 to 5 days, reboot required.
Every four or five days the web site hoste on my machine will stop responding to HTTP requests on port 80. IIS doesn't crash so I cannot get an IIS State log, just this: Excerpt from the HTTPErr.Log: (... working fine up until this ...) 2005-09-02 18:45:12 - - - - - - - - - 1_Connections_Refused - 2005-09... 16 Sep 2005 20:24
Content-disposition: attachment header in IIS6 not working with IE6
Hi We've got an ASP.NET application which writes file output directly to the Response stream. It uses the content-disposition attachment header to force the browser to display a "Save/Open" dialog for known mime-types. When running in IIS5 on Windows 2000 Pro or Windows XP Professional (i.e. our development ... 16 Sep 2005 14:43
IIS 6 Faulting application w3wp.exe, fault address
Hi all, In IIS 6, I've a problem that one of the web site suddenly cannot access, but other web sites work. I've try IIS state, but seems it need to install DDK, where can I download? I found that the path was outdated (ddk/debugging). Currently, running 2003 std server with sp1 and patches. here is the app... 9 Sep 2005 01:00
IIS 5 problem to create APP-Domain
Hi I have an Intanet Server(IIS 5.0 on Win 2K) with about 10 ASP.Net 1.1 applications, from time to time I got exception OutOfMemoryException, the application event log shows: Failed to execute request because the App-Domain could not be created. Error: 0x8007000e Not enough storage is available to complete thi... 6 Sep 2005 20:27
Hi there, I've got this problem and I don't know what's causing this problem. I got a MCMS website running and occassionally it hangs or doesn't do anything. When I look in my IIS logfile (HTTPERR1.LOG) I see the following message: 2005-09-01 07:52:56 1408 80 HTTP/1.1 P... 1 Sep 2005 09:42
503 Appoffline
Hi All, I am trying to connect to a web site on my iis server and I just keep getting "Service Unavailable" In the httperr log iger a 503 appoffline error Can anyone help me with this Thanks Rohan ... 23 Aug 2005 09:16
IIS 6 - Server Application Unavailable - Identifying Memory Proble
Our ASP.Net Web Application quickly kills IIS 6.0 and I would like help identifying what the problem is. Symptoms: After 5 minutes with only 6 users IIS 6.0 stops processing ASP.Net pages and responds with the generic Server Application Unavailable message. No errors are written to logs etc. This occurs whe... 10 Aug 2005 23:47
error '8002801c'
can anyone help solve this error looked every where and cannot solve this problem. ... 4 Aug 2005 14:10
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