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>> I'm looking for opinions on what to look for in a laptop that will be
>> used primarily for Photoshop. I'm waiting for USB 3 and intend to get
>> Windows 7. But things like the processor, RAM, screen size, color
>> controls, graphics card and built-in memory, etc. are going to be
>> important. Price is not an object as long as I get what I pay for. I
>> travel across the country so durability is important. I'm also
>> interested in recommendations for a printer and scanner (specs - not
>> necessarily current models).
> if you want one that wont crash after a system update or lock your account,
> or take 2 minutes to load a RAW image on a 4gb RAM machine, I suggest you
> get a mac...

There are many good reasons to get a Mac. It is not necessary to exaggerate
to do so.
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