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> wrote:
>>Hi, can anyone help please?
>>After 18 months, my hard drive failed. I've got all my data backed up
>>so no problem there. I purchase an 80GB direct replacement which I
>>have installed. When I boot the PC I get the message: -
>>No boot device available -
>>strike F1 to retry boot, F2 for setup utility
>>On pressing F2, the BIOS reports the hard disk as: -
>>Controller = Serial ATA
>>Port == SATA-0
>>Drive ID = ST380819AS
>>Capacity = 80GB
>>BIOS = This drive is controlled by the System BIOS
>>So, I changed the boot order so the CD is accessed first. I try to
>>load Windows XP Home Edition (I purchased this seperately). After
>>examing disk configuration I get the message: -
>>76294 MB Disk 0 at Id 0 on bus 0 on atapi
>><Setup cannot access this disk>
>>Can someone advise on what I can do to proceed further? I guess I need
>>to partition the disk, format and then load the OS but I'm stuck.
> Just to follow up, I've got a feeling my new HD is defective. I've
> just managed to run the latest version of DELLDIAG; the Device Quick
> Check passes OK but the HD Read Test fails: -
> 0F00:0244
> Msg. Block at 0
> ... and at other locations such as 4271639
> and the Seek Test also fails at Msg. Block 0 (and others) while
> reporting error code 0F00:0444
> I can only assume the HD is stuffed. Anyone agree?
> Cheers,
> Simon
Hi Simon
Just installed a sata h/d on a Dimension 5100 I used a 250Mb from Abyss
on Picton Rd in Liverpool all has gone ok except for sound and Video
drivers Had help re sound from guys in this forum .Just have to sort out
the Video Controller drivers If I could have accessed the Dell Disk that I
was told was "lost" before I installed It would have been no problem. But
you live and learn